MY WANT LISTS

    If you have anything from these lists, email me.
    I am always ready to trade.

    Absolutely no edited or "clean version" CDs
    This list changes often. I try to keep it current, but
    email me to make sure.

    Music Videos
    Can be on a CDR, DVD-R, VHS tape in SP (2 hour) mode or uploaded to server
    My preference is DVD-R or mpeg video on CDR
    No Pop-Up videos or ones with banners or interruptions
    Network logo in the lower right-hand corner is acceptable
    Videos must be complete and of good quality
    Videos on CDR must be in mpeg format
    If videos are in PAL format, please let me know BEFORE we trade
    I will accept a complete collection of videos from an artist -
    even if I don't need them all

    Out Of Print Music
    Must be in good condition

    Laff Records Albums
    comedy records from the 70's & 80's on the Laff label

    Films & TV Movies
    VHS - can be originals or quality dubbed copies
    Must be complete and in SP (2 hour) mode
    Movies made for TV can have commercials included or edited out
    I prefer DVDs

    I will trade for DVDs - email me for a list of what I'm looking for

    Television Shows (DVD Season Sets & Hard To Find)
    Can be on a VCD, DVD-R or VHS tape in SP (2 hour) mode
    With commercials is fine, but edited is better
    Each episode must be complete
    Quality must be very good - if you didn't tape these directly from TV yourself, be sure they look good. I have received far too many episodes that are 4 or more generations away from broadcast
    I prefer DVDs

Songs: I am looking for these songs in any format

songs by The Duke Of Iron
Gefeeltah Fish
Medley Of Brown Skin Girl & Mary Anne
Meringue Jam
We Are Afraid Of Nobody
Zets Calypso

tv & radio commercials, amusement park images, Colecovision, unusual music, etc.
Things that don't really fit anywhere else and require explanation

Bands, Films & TV Shows That I Will Buy Things From
Bootlegs, posters, promo material, press kits etc - anything cool or unusual

Bands_____ Films_____ TV Shows

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