Film Television Music Resources

Netflix - rent DVDs by mail

Internet Movie Database - the best resource for info on film & TV

DVD Price Search - ultimate price comparison & new release info

TV on DVD - great resource for information on TV shows released on DVD

DVD Easter Eggs - find out where the hidden fun is on your favourite DVD

The Oracle of Bacon - this is the famous Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

A&E - great documentaries & original movies

CNN - you should have SOME idea about what's going on in the world

Cartoon Network - if you don't have it, your cable company sucks

Turner Classic Movies - no commercials and NOT a pay channel... SWEET!

Gilmore Girls - I love this show!

Adult Swim - more fun than a rectal splinter!

Episode Guides - great resource for TV shows (past & present).
All Music Guide - the name says it all - get tracklistings & informative reviews (sometimes a good price)

Dusty Groove - soul, jazz, latin, funk, acid jazz and old school hip hop on record and CD. Specializing in funky 45's.

IRS Corner - tribute site for the great 80's label

Pollstar - find out where your favourite artist is playing live

Wax Poetics - a journal for record collectors, beatheads, DJs, and producers
Artists/Bands Record Labels Literature
The Beautiful South
The Bluetones
Coyle & Sharpe
The Creatures
Deacon Blue/Ricky Ross
Dead Can Dance
Dead Milkmen
Blossom Dearie
Dream Academy
Echo & The Bunnymen
The Fixx
John Wesley Harding
Peter Himmelman
Rupert Hine
Robyn Hitchcock
Billie Holiday
The Jazz Butcher
Howard Jones
Annie Lennox
Manic Street Preachers
John Mellencamp
Joni Mitchell
Harry Nilsson
Ocean Colour Scene
Over The Rhine
Pseudo Echo
The Rainmakers
Patti Rothberg
The Soft Boys
Jill Sobule
Stealers Wheel
Steely Dan
The Steely Dan Dictionary
Cat Stevens
Super Furry Animals
Suzanne Vega
They Might Be Giants' "Dial A Song"
Voice Of The Beehive
Paul Williams
Frank Zappa

Alternative Tentacles
Bear Family
Beggars Banquet
Deep Shag
Kill Rock Stars
Not Lame
Six Degrees Records
Harlan Ellison
Stephen King
Privacy & Technology News & Activism Misc
Anonymizer (anonymous web browsing)

FreeNet (anonymous, encrypted, decentralized, peer-to-peer file sharing)

Junkbusters (blocks banner ads & marketing)

OpenNap (open source Napster server)

Publius (anonymous, encrypted, decentralized, peer-to-peer file sharing)

ACLU (civil liberties)

Adbusters (network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators & entrepreneurs)

Amnesty International

Anti-Everything (source for radical thoughts, shirts, stickers & books)

CDT (technological activism)

Chilling Effects (online first amendment) (collective activism)

EFF (technological activism)


In These Times (news)

Independent Media Center (news)

Monkeyfist (news & activism)

Mother Jones (news)

The Nation (news)

National Public Radio

People For The American Way (activism)

PETA (animal rights)

Planned Parenthood

Project Censored (news)

Surfrider (working to protect beaches & oceans)

Tom Paine.Common Sense (opinion)

Utne Reader (news)

We Interrupt This Message (media advocacy)

ZNet/Z Magazine (social activism)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Babelfish - a great foreign language translator

Birch Circle - San Francisco adventure travel group

Boss Radio
Forever - the classic 60's Los Angeles radio station.

Bob Fosse
- the man who invented jazz hands

Find A Grave
- where are your heroes buried?

Get Your War On! - get in the hiz-ouse!

- the BEST search engine there is

Homestar Runner - FUNNY SHIT!!!

Muppet World
- you suck if you hate Muppets

The Tate Gallery - my favourite place in London