Bands I Collect Things From

Guidelines: please keep in mind that I am looking for live recordings, import singles, posters, promo items etc - anything cool, rare or unusual. I am NOT interested in promo singles without non-album tracks, non-promotional posters or concert tickets (used or unused). Please pay attention to the details field as I sometimes collect things related to just one album and not everything the artist has done. Also check out my list of wanted music videos - many of the artists here are on that list as well

Apple, Fiona anything related to When The Pawn... (1999)
Baltimora anything
Beautiful South anything
Beck anything Odelay or after (1996)
Bluetones anything
Bolshoi, The anything
China Crisis anything related to What Price Paradise (1986) or Diary Of A Hollow Horse (1989)
Cole, Lloyd anything (solo or with The Commotions)
Crowded House anything related to Temple Of Low Men (1988)
Deacon Blue anything
Dearie, Blossom anything
Dire Straits anything related to Brothers In Arms (1985)
Dream Academy anything
Echo & The Bunnymen anything post-reunion (after 1997) - especially Evergreen
Eels (or E solo) anything
Eurythmics anything
Everything But The Girl anything up until Amplified Heart (1994)
Fagen, Donald anything related to Kamakiriad (1993) - especially live recordings
Fixx, The anything related to Shuttered Room (1982)
Frank & Walters, The anything
Frazier Chorus anything
Gene anything
Haircut 100 anything
Himmelman, Peter anything
Hitchcock, Robyn anything - especially related to I Often Dream Of Trains (1984)
Hooverphonic (Hoover) anything related to A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular (1997)
Housemartins, The anything
Innocence Mission anything
Iron Maiden anything related to Iron Maiden (1980) & Killers (1981)
Jackson, Joe anything related to Look Sharp (1979)
Jellyfish anything
Judybats, The anything
Le Tigre anything related to This Island
Lennox, Annie anything
Lightning Seeds anything
Lone Justice anything
Lowlife (Scottish band, not punk) anything
Mad Season anything
Massive Attack anything
Mazzy Star anything
McKee, Maria anything
Moloko anything
Morcheeba anything related to The Big Calm (1998)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult anything from Kooler That Jesus (1990) or Sexplosion! (1991)
Ocean Colour Scene anything
Prefab Sprout anything
Pretenders anything from Learning To Crawl (1984)
Prince anything from his decent period: 1999 (1983) to The Gold Experience (1995)
Public Enemy anything from Yo Bum Rush The Show (1987), It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (1988) & Fear Of A Black Planet (1990)
Rage Against The Machine anything
Rainmakers, The anything
Rollins, Henry anything related to his spoken word releases
Shakespear’s Sister anything from Hormonally Yours (1991)
Shelleyan Orphan anything
Simply Red anything
Sobule, Jill anything
Soul Coughing anything from Ruby Vroom (1994)
Space (90’s UK band) anything
Spinal Tap anything
Steely Dan anything related to Aja (1977) or Two Against Nature (2000)
Super Furry Animals anything
Supertramp anything related to Breakfast In America (1979)
Tears For Fears anything except from Raoul & The Kings Of Spain (1995)
Terrorvision anything from Regular Urban Survivors (1996)
Texas (Scottish group) anything
Trashcan Sinatras anything
Vega, Suszanne anything from Nine Objects Of Desire (1996)
Voice Of The Beehive anything
Was (Not Was) anything
Winter, Johnny anything related to Johnny Winter And (1970)
World Party anything
XTC anything
Zappa, Frank anything from Apostrophe (1974), 200 Motels (1971), Just Another Band From L.A. (1972) or Overnight Sensation (1973)

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