Films I'm Looking For
please pay attention to the year of release

I live in America and would like NTSC format VHS & DVDs. PAL is OK on DVD only
If you need help to make sure you have the right film, you can look it up on The Internet Movie Database

If you have any of of these films, please contact me!
I am willing to
trade from my extensive music and video collections.

1955 A Life In The Balance Anne Bancroft
2001 Alex In Wonder Robert Hayes
2002 American Girl (aka Lifer’s Picnic) Jena Malone
1999 American Intellectuals Rod Biermann
1996 Bastard Brood (aka Enfants de Salaud) Molly Ringwald
1969 Bed Sitting Room, The Peter Cook
1930 Big Party, The Dixie Lee
1981 Bunker, The (TV) Anthony Hopkins
1957 Calypso Joe Herb Jeffries
1930 Cheer Up & Smile Dixie Lee
2002 Corpus Callosum Jacqueline Anderson
2000 Dead By Monday Toni Collette
2000 Dead Dog Emily Cline/Julianne Nicholson
1962 Death Trap Albert Lieven
1997 Diana & Me Toni Collette
1996 Drifting Clouds Kati Outinen
1976 Face To Face Liv Ullmann
1996 Garage Sale Claire Forlani
2000 Godass Nika Feldman/Julianne Nicholson
1954 Gorilla At Large Anne Bancroft
1930 Happy Days Charles E. Evans/Dixie Lee
1930 Harmony At Home (aka She Steps Out) William Collier Sr./Dixie Lee
1972 Harvey (TV) James Stewart
1975 Hedda Patrick Stewart
1971 Jimmy Stewart Show, The (TV) Jimmy Stewart
1953 Kid From Left Field, The Anne Bancroft
1955 Last Frontier, The (aka Savage Wilderness) Victor Mature/Anne Bancroft
1930 Let’s Go Places (aka Mirth & Melody) Joseph Wagstaff/Dixie Lee
1997 Limited Edition Terence Stamp
2001 Lonesome Aleksa Palladino
1992 Lover (aka Amoureuse) Charlotte Gainsbourg
1953 Maddalena Märta Torén
1972 Man, The James Earl Jones
1934 Manhattan Love Song Dixie Lee
1991 Naissance d’un Golem Henri Alekan/Annie Lennox
1986 Nanou Imogen Stubbs
2002 New Suit Jordan Bridges/Dan Hedaya
1955 New York Confidential Broderick Crawford/Anne Bancroft
1931 Night Life In Reno Virginia Valli/Dixie Lee
1956 Nightfall Anne Bancroft
1954 Raid, The Anne Bancroft
1935 Redheads On Parade Dixie Lee
2000 Ropewalk Jayce Bartok/Michele Hicks
1999 Rules of Etiquette, The Burr Middleton
1985 Seven Minutes in Heaven Jennifer Connelly
1932 Show Business Thelma Todd
1976 Slumber Party '57 (aka Teenage Slumber Party) Debra Winger!
1999 Sunburn Paloma Baeza
1994 This Marching Girl Thing Toni Collette
1953 Tonight We Sing David Wayne/Anne Bancroft
2000 Too Much Sleep Marc Palmieri
1953 Treasure Of The Golden Condor Cornel Wilde/Anne Bancroft
2002 Warning: Parental Advisory (TV) Jason Priestley
1929 Why Leave Home Sue Carol/Dixie Lee
1943 Youngest Profession, The Virginia Weidler

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