R.J. Adams
Ken Cinema



Location: Monterey, CA

Marital Status: tied the knot in 2002

What I'm doing these days: After working as a wildlife surveyor and ever wary naturalist (Oh-god was that Poison Oak!?) I started bar tending my way around Northern California. In the process I finished a B.S. in Biology and got a high school teaching credential. At some point in all of this, I became obsessively interested in avian parasites and began pursuing a graduate degree studying bird lice at the University of Utah. I've even described several new species. I realized that academia wasn't my cup of tea, so I returned to California, eloped on the beach, and am now teaching adult Special Education here in beautiful Monterey.

People from Rocky I've kept in touch with: I truly wish I had, but unfortunately I lost track of some really great people over the years.

Why I first went to Rocky: I first heard the music and was hooked a year before I ever went. My first time was the Halloween show in 1986 but I knew enough about the show to hide the fact that I was a virgin. After that, I was hooked.

How I started performing: I was initialy interested in Riff, but it rapidly became a case of surfer-boy does Rocky.

Food I ordered after the show: Oh' man - back then I was addicted to the Denny's Country Scramble and I considered myself a full fledged coffee achiever.

My favorite Rocky memories: At this point it's hard to separate favorite memories from teenage nostalgia, but one night comes immediately to mind. It was after a show and a group of six or seven of us crowded on to each others laps in a tiny car and drove down El Cajon Blvd at 3:00 am. The Modern English song "Melt With You" came over the radio and we we all sang along. We were in make-up, the streets were empty, and there was a full moon. What could have been better?

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