Wanted TV Shows
rare and/or unreleased on DVD

    Exit 57 - the entire 12 episode series run

    - the entire 28 episode run

    - the entire 13 episode series run

    Get A Life - the entire series run

    It's A Living/Making A Living - the entire series run (6 seasons/119 episodes)

    Bob & Margaret
    - the entire series run (4 seasons/52 episodes)

    Dennis Miller Live
    - looking for any episodes before 1997 & after 1998

    Get Real
    - the entire 22 episode series run

    The New Mickey Mouse Club -
    the entire 1977 series

    The State
    - the entire 26 episode series run

    The Eddie Capra Mysteries - the entire series run

    The Powers Of Matthew Starr - the entire 22 episode series run

    The Phoenix - the entire 5 episode series run

    Drop The Dead Donkey - the entire 66 episode series run

    Big Blue Marble
    - this was a cool children's show that ran from 1974 - 1983. I'd like to have a couple of episodes or, at the very least, a copy of the theme song.

    Villa Allegré
    - I grew up in San Diego and in the 70's there was a very cool children's program called Villa Allegré. I believe it was bilingual - English and Spanish. It was broadcast nationwide on PBS. I'd really like to see a few episodes or hear that really cool theme song again.

    The Great Space Coaster
    - this children's show ran in the early 80's and was a favourite of mine. I am looking for some episodes - especially those that feature the greatest news gnu of all-time, Gary Gnu. NOTE: I already have a copy of "The Great Space Coaster Supershow" that was released on home video.

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