Radio Mystery Theatre

All these shows are in mp3 format. I have not yet listened to every one. Some shows sound perfect and others are not so great. As far as I can tell, all are complete and from the period when E.G. Marshall hosted the series.

A Bargain In Blood
A Better Mousetrap
A Bride For Death
A Cage For Augie Karo
A Case Of Negligence
A Challenge For The Dead
A Choice Of Witnesses
A Christmas Carol
A Coffin For The Devil
A Connecticut Yankee In Arthur’s Court
A Cup Of Bitter Chocolate
A Curious Experience
A Death Of Kings
A Departmental Case
A Dream Of Death
A Drink With Dionysus
A Feast Of Death
A Ghostly Game Of Death
A God Named Henry
A God Named Smith
A Grain Of Salt
A Heart Of Gold
A Horror Story
A House Divided
A Lady Never Loses Her Head
A Little Night Murder
A Living Corpse
A Long Time To Die
A Long Way From Home
A Man Of Honor
A Matter Of Conscience
A Matter Of Customs
A Matter Of Faith
A Matter Of Identity
A Matter Of Love And Death
A Message From Space
A Model Murderer
A Phantom Yesterday
A Point In Time
A Point Of Time
A Portrait Of Death
A Preview Of Death
A Question Of Identity
A Question Of Identity
A Ring Of Roses
A Sacrifice In Blood
A Scaffold For Two
A Scandal In Bohemia
A Stranger Among Us
A Study In Scarlet
A Table For Two
A Tale Of Two Worlds
A Thousand Year Old Story
A Tiny Drop Of Poison
A Tragedy Of Error
A Two-Bit Fortune
A Very Old Man
A Very Private Miracle
A Woman In Red
Absolute Zero
Accounts Receivable
Adam's Astral Self
Adolph And Eva
Adventure Of The Redheaded League
Afraid To Live Afraid To Die
After The Verdict
Age Cannot Wither Her
Alexander-1 Courage
Alexander-2 Assassination
Alexander-3 Divide And Conquer
Alexander-4 The Oracle
Alexander-5 The Legend Begins
Alias Mr. Aladdin
Alien Presences
All The Time In The World
All Things Are Possible
All Things Must Die
All Unregistered Aliens
An Identical Murder
An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
And Death Makes Even Steven
And Nothing But The Truth
Angel From England
Angel Of Death
Answer Me
Appointment At Sarajevo
Appointment In Uganda
Arctic Encounter
Area Thirteen
Assassination In Time
Beach Of Falesa
Behind The Blue Door
Bet With The Angels
Between These Worlds
Beyond Belief
Beyond The Barrier
Big City Blues
Big Momma
Black Widow
Blizzard Of Terror
Blood Thunder And A Woman In Green
Body And Soul
Bottom Of The World
Bound East For Haiti
Brain Drain
Bring Back My Body
Brothers Of The Angle
Bullet Proof
Burn Witch Burn
Burning Bough
Bury Me Again
But With Blood
By Word Of Mouth
Can You Trust Your Husband
Case Closed
Casual Affair
Catch A Falling Star
Catch The Smallest Devil
Chapter Of Errors
Charity Is Never Dead
Charlie The Actor
Cherchez La Femme
Childish Laughter
Circle Of Evil
Close Shave
Code Word Caprice
Cold Storage
Come Away Death
Come Back With Me
Come Fill My Cup
Complete Recovery
Concerto In Death
Conquest Of Fear
Conspiracy To Defraud
Cool Killer Karl
Courtyard Of Death
Crime Casts A Shadow
Crime Of Passion
Daddy's Girls
Dangerous Memory
Davy Jerrold's Jacket
Dead For A Dollar
Dead Man's Mountain
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Dead Ringer
Dead Wrong
Deadline For Death
Deadly Darling Delores
Deadly Dilemma
Deadly Honeymoon
Death And Desire
Death By Whose Hands
Death In The Stars
Death Is A Dream
Death Is A Woman
Death Is Blue
Death Is So Trivial
Death On Project X
Death On Skis
Death Pays No Dividend
Death Rides A Stallion
Death Spell
Delusion Of Reprieve
Devil's Gold
Devil's Leap
Dialogue With Death
Diamond Cut Diamond
Diary Of A Madman
Dickens Of Scotland Yard
Die You're On Magic Camera
Dig Me Deadly
Doctor Eduardo
Dog Walker Murders
Don't Die Without Me
Don't Kill Me
Don't Let It Choke You
Don't Look Back
Double Exposure
Double Take
Double-Cross Death
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll And Mrs. Hyde
Dr. Peterson's Pills
Dressed To Kill
Edmund Orme
End Of A Memory
End Of A Queen
Enemy From Space
Enough Rope
Episode Of The Terror
Escape Escape
Escape From Anzio
Escape To Prison
Every Blossom Dies
Every Dog Has His Day
Everybody Does It
Faith And The Faker
Fall Of The House Of Usher
Fallen Angel
Family Album
Family Ties
Fan Mail
Fateful Reunion
Final Vow
Fire And Ice
First Childhood
First Prize Death
Five Ghostly Indians
Flash Point
Fly Swatter
Fool's Gold
For Tomorrow We Die
For Want Of A Nail
Formula Z The Protector
Fortune's Favorite
Frankenstein Revisited
Frontiers Of Fear
Future Eye
Garden Of The Moon
Gate 27
Ghost At High Noon
Ghost Powder
Ghost Talk
Girl Talk
Give The Devil His Due
Golden Cauldron
Goodbye Benjamin Flack
Goodbye Carl Erich
Graven Image
Guardian Angel
Guilty Secret
Half A Life
Happy Death Day
Having A Horrible Time
He Moves In A Mysterious Way
Hell Hath No Fury
Help Somebody
Help Wanted
Henrietta's Revenge
Her Long Blonde Hair
Here Goes The Bride
Hickory Dickory Doom
High Caqueta
His Fourth Wife
Hit And Run
Home Is Where The Ghost Is
Honest Mistake
Honeymoon With Death
Hope Springs Eternal
How Can I Ever Thank You
How Do You Like Those Apples
How Eberhard Won His Wings
How Much Land Does A Man Need
How Quiet The Night
Human Error
Hung Jury
Hunted Down
I Am The Killer
I Must Kill Edna
I Pronounce You Dead
I Thought I Saw A Shadow
I Thought You Were Dead
I Warn You Three Times
Identified Flying Objects
Identity Crisis
If I Can't Have You
If Mischief Follow
Ignorant Armies
In Another Place
In The Cards
In The Dark
In The Fog
Indian Giver
Insight Into Murder
International Dateline
Invited Guests
Is He Living Or Is He Dead
Is The Doctor In
Is The Lady Dead
Is Venice Drowning
Island Of The Lost
It Has To Be True
It's Hard To Be Rich
It's Hell To Pay The Piper
It's Murder Mr. Lincoln
It's Simply Murder
Jane Eyre
Jimmy Valentine's Gamble
Journey Into Nowhere
Journey Into Terror
Journey To Jerusalem
Journey To Somewhere
Just One More Day
Just To Keep Busy
Key To Murder
Killing Valley
King Bankrobber
Lady Bluebeard
Lady Is A Jinx
Lady MacBeth At The Zoo
Lamps Of The Devil
Land Of The Living Dead
Lap Of The Gods
Last Judgment
Last Train Out
Laundry Money
Legend Of Phoenix Hill
Les Mis-1 The Thief And The Bishop
Les Mis-2 The Lawless And The Law
Les Mis-3 No Escape
Les Mis-4 Fear Love And Death
Les Mis-5 The Final Chapter
Let The Buyer Beware
License To Kill
Little Green Death
Little Lucy's Lethal Libation
Long Live The King Is Dead
Look Backward Sometimes
Loser Take All
Lost Dog
Love After Death
Love Me And Die
Love Me Don't Leave Me
Lovely People
Lovers And Killers
Mad Monkton
Maiden Ladies
Man-Sized In Marble
Markheim Man Or Monster
Marry For Murder
Mata Hari
Matched Pair For Murder
Matching Chairs
Mayerling Revisited
Medium Rare
Men Without Mouths
Messenger From Yesterday
Mind Over Matthew
Mind Over Mind
Miracle In Sharon City
Mirror For Murder
Mother Knows Best
Mother Love
Much Too Much
Murder At Troyte's Hill
Murder By Proxy
Murder Most Foul
Murder On The Space Shuttle
Murder One
Murder To Perfection
Murder Will Out
Murder With Malice
Must Hope Perish
My Fair Lady Killer
My First Rogue
My Good Name
My Kingdom For A Horse
My Own Murderer
My Sister Death
My Wife Doesn't Understand Me
Napoleon And The Queen Of Sheeba
Neatness Counts
Nefertiti: The Curse Of The Scarab
Nefertiti: The Cobra Strikes
Never Answer An Advertisement
Never In This World
Nickels And Dimes
Night Eyes
Night Of The Howling Dog
Night Of The Wolf
Night Visitor
Nightmare's Nest
Ninety Lives
No Hiding Place
No Way Out
Nobody Dies
Not For Sale
Number One
Olive Darling And Morton Dear
On The Night Of The Dead
Once Upon An Island
One Of The Missing
Only A Woman
Only The Dead Remember
Ordeal By Fire
Orient Express
Our Own Jailer
Out Of Focus
Out Of Sight
Out Of The Past
Overnight To Freedom
Passport To Freedom
Persons To Be Notified
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Pharaoh’s Daughter
Picture On The Wall
Pie In The Sky
Plus Additional Shows
Pompeii-1 The City Of The Dead
Pompeii-2 Thrown To The Lions
Pompeii-3 Half Prophet Half Friend
Poor Lester
Portrait Of An Assassin
Portrait Of Memory
Possessed By The Devil
Postage Due
Prison Of Glass
Prisoner Of Machines
Prognosis Negative
Promise To Kill
Raptures Of The Deep
Red Head
Reflected Terror
Rendezvous With Death
Resident Killer
Return Engagement
Return Of Anatov Chevenic
Return To Pompeii
Return To Shadow Lake
Reunion Fever
Revenge Is Not Sweet
River Of Hades
Room 418
Roses Are For Funerals
Sagamore Cottage
Sand Castle
Scenes From A Murder
Sea Fever
Sea Of Troubles
Search For Eden
Second Look At Murder
Second Sight
See Naples And Die
Serpent Of Saris
Shadow Of Love
Shadows From The Grave
Shark Bait
Sheer Terror
Side Effects
Silent Shock
Sins Of The Fathers
Sister Of Death
Sleeping Dogs
Sleepy Village
Small Money
Snake In The Grass
So Shall Ye Reap
Solid Gold Soldiers
Someday I'll Find You
Something In The Air
Something To Live For
Somewhere Else
Son Of Satan
Sophia And The Pilgrim
Sorry To Let You Go
Sound Advice
Speak Of The Devil
Specter Bridegroom
Squaring The Triangle
Stamped For Death
Stand-In For Murder
Stay Out Of Dutchman's Woods
Stephanie's Room
Sting Of Death
Stitch In Time
Straight From The Horse's Mouth
Strange Company
Strange New Tomorrow
Stranger From Nowhere
Sunset To Sunrise
Taboo Means Death
Taken For Granite
Talk To Me
Tattooed For Murder
Terror In The Air
Terror On The Heath
That Hamlet Was A Good Boy
That Magic Touch
The 1001st Door
The 36th Man
The 44 Connection
The 500 Carats
The 999999 Dollar Error
The Aaron Burr Murder Case
The Abraham Lincoln Murder Trial
The Absent Minded League
The Acquisition
The Actress
The Adventure Of The Beryl Coronet
The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle
The Adventure Of The Speckled Band
The Adventures Of Don Quixote
The Aliens
The Altar Of Blood
The Angels Of Devil's Mountain
The Angels Of The Devil's Mountain
The Angry God
The Apparition
The Artist
The Assassin
The Aurora Group
The Avenging Ghost Of Kitty Morgan
The Avocado Jungle
The Bargain
The Beast
The Beheading
The Believers
The Benjamin Franklin Murder
The Better Half
The Big Ten-cent Hustle
The Biggest Fish In The World
The Birthmark
The Bisara Of Pooree
The Bittersweet Honeymoon
The Black Cat
The Black Door
The Black Room
The Black Sheep And The Captain
The Black Whale
The Bleeding Statue
The Blood Red Ink
The Blood Red Wine
The Bloody Legend
The Blue Sedan
The Bluff
The Body Snatchers
The Book Of Abaca
The Borderline Case
The Boscombe Pool Mystery
The Boy Wonder
The Breaking Point
The Bride That Wasn't
The Briefcase Blunder
The Bright Golden Murders
The Brooch
The Bullet
The Burning Whirlwind
The Cabinet Of The Unsolved
The Canterville Ghost
The Captain Of The Polestar
The Case Of Chateau Marqaux
The Case Of Mjh
The Cask Of Amontillado
The Cat Is Dead
The Cat's Paw
The Cezar Curse
The Charnel House
The Chess Master
The Child Cat's Paw
The Chinaman Button
The Church Of Hell
The Clairvoyant
The Climbing Boy
The Coffin With The Golden Nails
The Coldest Killer
The Colonel Chabert
The Colony
The Conspiracy
The Conversion Factor
The Copenhagen Connection
The Corpse That Would Not Die
The Corpse Wrote Shorthand
The Countess
The Covered Bridge
The Crack In The Wall
The Creature From The Swamp
The Crystal Gazer
The Curse Of Conscience
The Damned Thing
The Dark Closet
The Dead Come Alive
The Dead Dead Ringer
The Dead Deserve To Rest
The Dead House
The Dead You Can't Bury
The Deadliest Favor
The Deadly Blind Man's Bluff
The Deadly Double
The Deadly Hour
The Deadly Pearls
The Deadly Process
The Death Bell
The Death Of Halpin Frasier
The Death Shot
The Death Watch
The Death Wish
The Death Wisher
The Defectors
The Demon Spirit
The Deserter
The Devil's Bargain
The Devil's Boutique
The Devil's Brew
The Devil-God
The Diamond Necklace
The Dice Of Doom
The 'Different' People
The Disembodied Voice
The Doctor's Evidence
The Doll
The Dominant Personality
The Doppelganger
The Dream Woman
The Eavesdropper
The Eavesdroppers
The Edge Of Death
The Edge Of The Scalpel
The Eighth Day
The Eighth Deadly Sin
The Eleventh Hour
The Eleventh Plague
The Elixir Of Death
The Empty Coffin
The Enchanted Child
The End Of The Rainbow
The Evil Eye
The Exploding Heart
The Eye Of Death
The Eye Of The Idol
The Face In The Coffin
The Face Of The Waters
The Fall Of Gentryville
The Familiar Ghost
The Fatal Connection
The Fatal Marksman
The Favor Of Women
The Ferret
The Fifth Man
The Figure In The Moonlight
The Final Judgment
The Final Mind
The Final Step
The Final Witness
The First Day Of Eternity
The First Woman In Space
The Flash Point
The Flowers Of Death
The Follower
The Fools
The Forever Alley
The Forever Man
The Forgetful Ghost
The Forty-Four
The Fountain Of Truth
The Four Fifteen Express
The Fourth Reason
The Frammis
The Further You Go The Less You Know
The Garden
The Garrison Of The Dead
The Ghost At The Gate
The Ghost Driver
The Ghost In The Well
The Ghost Of Andersonville
The Ghost Plane
The Ghost With A Knife
The Ghost-Grey Bat
The Ghostly Rival
The Ghosts Of Yesterday
The Gift
The Gift House
The Gift Of Doom
The Gilbert Stewart
The Girl He Left Behind
The Girl Who Found Things
The Giuseppe Verdi Autobus
The Gloria Scott
The God Killer
The God Machine
The God That Failed
The Golden Amulet
The Golden Blood Of The Sun
The Golden Cauldron
The Golden Chalices
The Golem
The Good Times Express
The Grandee Of Terra Loco
The Great Brain
The Green-Eyed Monster
The Grey Ghost
The Grey Ghost
The Grey Slapper
The Guilt Of The Innocent
The Guy De Maupassant Murders
The Haliday Prediction
The Hand
The Hand That Refused To Die
The Hands Of Mrs. Mallory
The Hanging Judge
The Hanging Judgment
The Haunted Mill
The Head Hunters
The Head Of A Pin
The Headless Hussein
The Headstrong Corpse
The High Priest
The Hills Of Arias
The Hit Man
The Hole In The Sky
The Horla
The Horror Within
The Horse That Wasn't For Sale
The Hound Of The Baskervilles
The House And The Brain
The House By The Seine
The House Of The Seven Gables
The House Of The Voodoo Queen
The House On Chimney Pot Lane
The Hundred Dollar Difference
The Ice Palace
The Ides Of March
The Image
The Imp In The Bottle
The Impossible Is True
The Impostor
The Innocent Face
The Instant Millionaires
The Instrument
The Intermediary
The Intruder
The Intruders
The Iron Horse
The Island On Silver Tree Lake
The Jataka
The Judas Kiss
The Judge's House
The Killer Inside
The Killer Instinct
The Killer Of The Year
The Kingdom Below
The Kiss Of Death
The Lady Is A Jinx
The Lady Of The Mist
The Lady Was A Tiger
The Land Of Dreams
The Last Act
The Last Duel
The Last Escape
The Last Trip Of Charter Boat Sally
The Laughing Maiden
The Lazarus Syndrome
The Left Hand Of God
The Liar
The Light That Failed
The Little Old Lady Killer
The Locked Room
The Locked Trunk
The Lodger
The Long Blue Line
The Long Long Sleep
The Longest Knife
The Look
The Lost Tomorrows
The Love God
The Luck Sisters
The Magic Stick Of Manitu
The Magus
The Man From Ultra
The Man In Black
The Man In The Black Cap
The Man Is Missing
The Man Must Die
The Man Of Two Centuries
The Man Who Asked For Yesterday
The Man Who Could Work Miracles
The Man Who Heard Voices
The Man Who Saw Martians
The Man With The Claret Mark
The Many Names Of Death
The Mask Of Tupac Amaru
The Masque Of The Red Death
The Master Computer
The Memory Killers
The Meteorite
The Midas Of Castle Hill
The Midas Touch
The Mills Of The Gods
The Missing Day
The Missouri Kid
The Money Makers
The Moonlighter
The Most Necessary Evil
The Murder Market
The Murder Museum
The Murders In The Rue Morgue
The Musgrave Ritual
The Mysterious Island
The Mysterious Rochdale Special
The Mysterious Stranger
The Navel Treaty
The New Man At The Yard
The Night Shift
The Night We Died
The Ninth Volume
The Oblong Box
The Odyssey Of Laura Collins
The Old Country
The Old Ones Are Hard To Kill
The One Thousand Pound Gorilla
The Only Blood
The Onyx Eye
The Other Life
The Other Self
The Other Side Of The Coin
The Other Soul
The Outside Girl
The Outsider
The Overcoat
The Paradise Cafe
The Paradise Of The Devil
The Parasite
The Pardon
The Passing Of Black Eagle
The Patient Visitor
The People Of Sissora
The Permanent Man
The Phantom House
The Phantom Lullaby
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Stop
The Pharaoh's Curse
The Philosopher's Stone
The Picture Of Dorian Gray
The Pinkerton Method
The Pit And The Pendulum
The Plan
The Plastic Man
The Pleading Voice
The Poisoned Pen
The Postmistress Of Laurel Run
The Power Of Evil
The Power Of Ode
The Precious Killer
The Premature Burial
The Pretend Person
The Prince Of Evil
The Prisoner Of Zenda
The Providential Ghost
The Public Avenger
The Quadruple
The Queen Of Darkness
The Queen Of Spades
The Question
The Raft
The Ranee Of Rajputana
The Rat
The Real Printer's Devil
The Real World
The Recluse
The Red Circle
The Red Frisbee.
The Red Scarf
The Reigate Mystery
The Reluctant Killer
The Resident
The Return Of The Moresby's
The Reunion
The Rich Ostrich
The Riddle
The Ring Of Truth
The Ripple Effect
The Rise And Fall Fourth Reich
The Rocket's Red Glare
The Romance Of Mary Oats
The Romany Revenge
The Root Of All Evil
The Ruby Lamp
The Runaway General
The Safety Match
The Sea Nymph
The Sealed Room Murder
The Search For Myra
The Second Chance Lady
The Secret Doctrine
The Secret Life Of Bobby Deland
The Secret Of Crow's Nest
The Secret Of Laurels
The Secret Of Shensi
The Secret Of The Aztecs
The Secret Of The Fifth Bell
The Sending
The Senior Prom
The Sensitive
The Serpent's Tooth
The Shadow Of A Killer
The Shadow Of The Past
The Shining Man
The Shock Of His Life
The Shriek Of The Mandrake
The Sighting
The Sign Of Four
The Sign Of The Beast
The Silent Witness
The Silent Woman
The Silver Medal
The Sinister Shadow
The Sire De Maletroit's Door
The Sixth Commandment
The Slave
The Slick And The Dead
The Smile Of Death
The Smile Of Deceit
The Solid Gold Zarf
The Solitary
The Sound Of Terror
The Special Undertaking
The Spectral Bride
The Spit And Image
The Spots Of The Leopard
The Spy And The Traitor
The Star Killers
The Stolen White Elephant
The Storm Breeder
The Strange Case Of Lucas Lauder
The Strange Voyage Of Lady Dee
The Stranger Inside
The Stuff Of Dreams
The Suicide Club
The Summer People
The Talking Women
The Teddy Bear
The Tell-Tale Corpse
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Tell-Tale Scar
The Ten Million Dollar Heist
The Tenth Life
The Terrifying Gift
The Therapeutic Cat
The Thing At Nolan
The Thing In The Cave
The Thing Inside
The Thomas Jefferson Defense
The Threshold
The Time Fold
The Together Place
The Tool Shed
The Transformation
The Transformation Of Joebee
The Triangle
The Triple Crown
The Trouble With Murder
The Trouble With Ruth
The Tunnel Man
The Two Sams
The Two Dollar Murders
The Unbearable Reflection
The Undying Heart
The Unearthly Gift
The Unholy Miracle
The Unseen And The Seen
The Unseen Watcher
The Vanishing Herd
The Vanishing Point
The Velvet Claws
The Venus D'ile
The Versegy Case
The Victim
The Village Of Fools
The Voices Of Death
The Voodoo Doll
The Waiting Room
The Wakeful Ghost
The Walking Corpse
The Walking Dead
The Walls Of Jericho
The Wandering Wind
The Warriors From Loanda
The Washington Kidnap
The Way To Dusty Death
The Weavers Of Death
The Whimpering Pond
The White Ghost
The White Wolf
The Wind And The Flame
The Winds Of Time
The Wintering Place
The Wishing Stone
The Witches' Almanac
The Witching Well
The Witness Is Death
The Woman In The Green Dress
The Woman Who Wanted To Live
The Young Die Good
They Shall Stone Them With Stones
Thicker Than Water
This Breed Is Doomed
This Time Around
This Time Around 2
This Will Kill You
Three Fireflies In A Bottle
Three Times Dead
Three Women
Through The Looking Glass
Til Death Do Us Join
Till Death Do Us Part
Time And Again
Time Killer
Time Out Of Mind
Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
To Be A Rose
To Die Is Forever
To Kill With Confidence
Tobin's Palm
Tom Sawyer Detective
Tomorrow Cloudy And Cold
Too Many Woman Can Kill You
Transmutations Inc.
Trial By Fire
Trial For Murder
Triptych For A Witch
Turnabout Is Foul Play
Two Motive's For Murder
Two Renegades
Two Times Dead
Two's A Crowd
Uncle Louis
Under Grave Suspicion
Vanishing Lady
Vanity And Jane
Vanity Dies Hard
Voices Of Death
Voyage To Intrastar
Wanted A Husband
Watcher Of The Living
Wave Of Terror
We Meet Again
Welcome For A Dead Man
What A Change In Hilda
What Happened To Mrs. Forbush
When In Rome
When The Death Bell Tolls
Where Angels Fear To Tread
Where Fear Begins
Who Is George Williams
Who Is Jessica Worth
Who's Little Girl Are You
Widow Wonderland
Wilhelmina Wilson
Will The Real Amy Stand Up
Window To Oblivion
Wine Women And Murder
Wise Child
Witches' Sabbath
With Malice Aforethought
Woman From Hell
Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights
Yesterday's Giant
Yesterday's Murder
You Bet Your Life
You Can Change Your Life
You Can Die Again
You Only Die Once
You Tell Me Your Dream
You're Better Off Guilty
You're Going To Like Rodney
You're Only Young Twice
Your Grade Is A