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A Chorus Line Special documentary
Abdul, Paula Reebok Commercial commercial
AC/DC Live concert 44
Alias & Columbo parody from ABC 50th Anniversdary Special short feature 03
America’s Most Talented Kid Valdamir Poutin
Apple, Fiona Live On SNL 1999 (or maybe 2000)

Apple, Fiona Live On The Tonight Show television appearance 04
Apple, Fiona MTV Live 1999 concert 60
Arcadia 1985 Video Collection & TV Appearances compilation 115
Art Of Noise Live London 1986 & Video Collection compilation 90
Atlantic 40th Aniversary Concert
Barenaked Ladies If I Had A Millsion Dollars (live) television appearance
Barenaked Ladies Live Rap television appearance
Beautiful South, The Canadian Video Profile documentary
Beautiful South, The Carry On Up The Charts video collection 63
Beautiful South, The Good As Gold: One Band’s Rubbish 1 music feature
Beautiful South, The Good As Gold: One Band’s Rubbish 2 music feature
Beautiful South, The Later With Jools concert 106
Beautiful South, The Live At Bridlington Spa 1994 live bootleg
Beautiful South, The Live In Newcastle + Housemartins Clips live bootleg
Beautiful South, The Live In Vancouver 6/15/92 live bootleg
Beautiful South, The Live In Vidia, Cesena 5/19/92 live bootleg
Beautiful South, The Live On Dennis Miller television appearance
Beautiful South, The Poole Arts Centre/Phoenix Festival live bootleg
Beautiful South, The The Pumpkin video collection
Beautiful South, The Various Televsion Appearances 2 (April) television appearance
Beautiful South, The Various TV Appearances televiosion appearance
Belushi, John Best Of John Belushi On SNL television appearance 60
Berlin Live In Japan 1987 & Various U.S. TV Appearances (1983 - 1987) compilation 110
Biafra, Jello (spoken word) Live In Lansing, MI 1990 Part 1 compilation 100
Biafra, Jello (spoken word) Live In Lansing, MI 1990 Part 2 compilation 100
Big County Great Hits Video Collection & Live Moscow 1988 compilation 115
Black Sabbath Live (with Ian Gillan) concert 10
Blue Boy, The A&E Special With Emma Thompson short feature 60
Bow Wow Wow Music Video Collection & Live At The New York Ritz 1982 & Various TV Appearances compilation 115
Bowie, David A&E Live By Request (2002) concert 120
Bowie, David Introducing Lauren Hill (1999 MTV VMA) television appearance 1
Bowie, David Jazzin’ For Blue Jean short feature 21
Bragg, Billy Much Music Profile music feature
Brak Show Starring Brak Brak Show Starring Brak television special 30
Bugs And Daffy: The Wartime Cartoons Warner Bros cartoons
Campbell Soup Commercial Only Got One Life To Live commercial 3
Cannibal M&Ms Commercial commercial 1
Carnival Dockers Commercial Short Version commercial
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, A
animated feature
Cheers Starring John Cleese television episode
Child Live At The Starwood live bootleg
China Crisis Showbiz Absurd 1985 Video Collection & Acoustically Yours compilation 80
Cocteau Twins Various Live, Music Videos & Interview (U.S & U.K. 1984 - 1994) compilation 70
Comic Strip Presents Bad News Tour television episode 35
Comic Strip Presents Dirty Movie television episode 35
Comic Strip Presents More Bad News television episode 35
Concert For Life: A Tribute To Freddie Mercury complete 1992 MTV broadcast with pre-show concert
Cook, Dane Comedy Special television special 30
Cook, Dane Comics Live television special 22
Cope, Julian Copeulation Video Compilation & Live At The Ritz (New York 1986) compilation 120
Crowded House Something So Strong (acapella) television appearance 3
Cure, The Unplugged concert 26
Curry, Tim Tracey Ullman Show Appearance television episode 006
Dave Matthews Band VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Dax, Danielle Live In Japan 1987 & Live In England 1986 compilation 90
De Rossi, Portia Two Something Episode television episode 30
Deee-lite Live On SNL television appearance
Deee-lite Rock The Vote Commercial commercial 001
Dennis, Cathy Just Another Dream (“live” From MTV Spring Break) television appearance 3
Didn’t You Kill My Brother
television episode 55
Dio Live concert 19
Disney 40 Years Of Televsion Magic documentary 105
Dolby, Thomas The Golden Age Of Video video collection 50
Dr. Seuss On The Loose Dr. Seuss animated feature
Dracula Bites The Big Apple
Dream Academy Kate St. John Talks About The Love Parade Video
Dream Academy Video Collection videos
Echo & The Bunneymen Pictures On My Wall & Porcupine Video Collections compilation 85
Echo & The Bunnymen Live At The Cleveland Odean (October 31, 1997) compilation 80
Echo & The Bunnymen Live Black Sessions Paris - French TV 1997 & U.K. TV Appearances 1997 - 1999 compilation 95
English Beat Greatest Hits UK Videos, Live 1981 & Various TV Appearances compilation 95
Eurythmics Live (2/14/87) - The Revenge Tour concert 090
Eurythmics Live By Request concert 120
Eurythmics MTV News: We Too Are One Segment television appearance
Eurythmics Savage music feature 50
Eurythmics Storytellers concert 60
Eurythmics We Too Are One music feature 55
Everything But The Girl Video Collection video collection 45
Faith No More You Fat Bastards (live in Brixton) concert 58
Family Circus Christams, A
animated feature
Family Guy deleted Osama bin Laden scene from “Road To Rhode Island”
Fleetwood Mac On Tour concert
Fleetwood Mac Tango In The The Night concert 60
Fosse, Bob E! True Hollywood Story documentary 68
Frazier Chorus Charisma Records Promo Reel compilation 20
Freberg, Stan Tip Of The Freberg Video Collection video collection
Fred Rated The Best Of Fred Rated compilation
Frosty The Snowman
animated feature
Gabriel, Peter Video Collections (1987 & 1993) compilation
Gene Live Reading Festival 1996, London Studio Rehearsal, Interviews & Music Videos compilation 95
Gene Loves Jezebel Live concert
Gilmour, Dave Live concert 57
Godley And Creme History Mix Volume 1 music feature 17
Grammy's 1986 Grammy's 1986 awards show
Great Space Coaster Supershow, The The Great Space Coaster Supershow television special 59
Green Jello Cereal Killer ? 49
Haircut 100 & Nick Heyward Video Collection Part One compilation 55
Harper, Roy Live In Your Living Room, Live Stonehenge 1984 & Whistle Test 1984 (with Jimmy Page) compilation 70
Harper, Roy & Jimmy Page Bits Of Jugula live television appearance 17
Healey, Jeff Band Live From London concert
Helix rated “R” videos videos
Henley, Don VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Hill, Lauren Everything Is Everything (live at the 1999 MTV Xmas) television appearance 3
Himmelman, Peter Video Compilation 1998 ? 180
Hitchcock, Robyn Brenda Of The Lightbulb Eyes video collection
Hitchcock, Robyn Various Live & Interviews: U.S. & U.K. 1980 - 1999 compilation 110
House Of Love, The Live Washington, DC (October 27, 1992) & Music Videos compilation 80
Housemartins Hold Tight TV & Italian TV 1987 concert
Housemartins, The Now That’s What I Call Quite Good video collection
Housemartins, The Various Televsion Appearances television appearance
Idol, Billy Vital Idol video collection 40
INXS The Reunion With Terrence Trent D’Arby television special 33
Iron Maiden Live (with Paul Dianno) concert 30
Iron Maiden Twelve Wasted Years documentary 90
Irving, Amy bikini from “The Fury”
Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration
television special
It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
animated feature
Jackson, Janet Control Medley (live at the 1987 Grammys) television appearance 3
Jackson, Michael Bad music feature 15
Jackson, Michael Control (live at the 1987 American Music Awards) television appearance 3
Jackson, Michael Dangerous ? 60
Jackson, Michael Moonwalker ?
Jackson, Michael Rhythm Nation 1814 music feature 28
Jellyfish Fan Tape videos
Jellyfish Gone Jellyfishin’ video collection 15
Jellyfish live on German TV (5/27/91) live television appearance 70
Kinison, Sam Live On HBO television special 50
Kome Kome Club Kome Kome Club Creators music feature 29
Kome Kome Club Ricism: Kome Kome Club History video collection 105
Labyrinth Inside The Labyrinth documentary
Late Night With David Letterman 10th Aniversary Show television special
Led Zeppelin Un-Leded (No Quarter) music feature 90
Lennox, Annie Letterman (6/12/03)
Lennox, Annie Live On Letterman (5/12/03) television appearance 04
Lennox, Annie Live on SNL television appearance
Lennox, Annie Live On The Today Show (6/13/03) television appearance 20
Letterman, David Celebrity Movies television special 70
Little Drummer Boy, The
animated feature
Live Aid Live Aid V1 concert
Live Aid Live Aid V2 concert
Live Aid Live Aid V3 concert
LL Cool J Cut Creator (live on SNL) television appearance 4
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Live At The Marquee 1983 & Video Collection 1984 - 1989 compilation 75
Lone Justice Live concert 35
Lorax, The
animated feature
Love & Rockets The Haunted Fishtank video collection
Lush Various Videos, Live Appearances & Interviews (1991-1996) compilation 85
Mad Season Live At Moore concert 055
Madonna on Wayne's World television appearance 7
Madonna The Virgin Tour concert
Man Show, The Catholic Girls Bits television episode 2
Married With Children Hot Babes In Al’s Dream television episode 3
MASH The Making Of M*A*S*H* documentary
Mazzy Star Various U.K. & U.S. TV Live, Videos & Interviews (1993 - 1994) compilation 60
Mckennitt, Loreena Interview interview
Men At Work Live Rockplast German TV (February 12, 1982) compilation 90
Miller, Dennis Black & White television special 54
Miller, Dennis Citizen Arcade television special 60
Miller, Dennis Live From Washington television special 60
Miller, Dennis They Shoot Specials, Don’t They? television special 60
Mindy Ellis Voice Recitals etc
Misc Clips - see sheet

Mission Impossible Revival Series Debut television episode
Monkees, The I Was A Teenage Monkee documentary 022
Monty Python Life Of Python documentary
Moonlighting Atomic Shakespear: The Taming Of The Shrew television episode
MTV 20: Buggles To Bizkit Part One television special 360
MTV 20: Buggles To Bizkit Part Two television special 360
MTV 2003 Movie Awards Matrix Reloaded parody short feature 05
MTV Angel Of Death Commercial commercial
MTV Promo Un Chein Andelou (sp)
commercial 2
MTV Video Music Awards 1992
awards show
Muppets, The 30th Anniversary Special television special 50
Neil Heavy Concept Album Commercial commercial 001
Nicks, Stevie VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Night Ranger Live 7 Wishes Tour 1985 compilation 80
Ocean Colour Scene Live Spanish TV 1999, Glastonbury Festival 1997 & Promo Videos compilation 80
Ocean Colour Scene Live Stirling Castle (August 1998) & Various 1997 U.K. TV Appearances compilation 115
Parker Lewis Can't Lose E! Behind The Scenes documentary 30
Party Zone Opera Ad
Pearl Jam Unplugged concert
Pee Wee’s Playhouse Open House/Pee Wee Catches A Cold televsion episode 48
Penn, Michael This & That (live on SNL) television appearance 3
Phenomena II Did It All For Love television appearance 04
Picture Music Various Artists (80’s videos) video collection
Pink Floyd In Concert concert 100
Pink Floyd Live At Pompei music feature
Pink Floyd Various Live, Documentaries & Music Videos (1970 - 1983) compilation 105
PMRC/Congressional Hearings feature on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball documentary 3
Power Station, The (Duran Duran) Video EP, MTV Special, LIve Aid, Saturday Night Live & Various TV Appearances compilation 90
Prefab Sprout A Life Of Surprises Video Collection compilation 45
Pretty In Pink Premiere Party television special
Prince Gett Off Collection video collection 30
Prince Gett Off (live at the 1991 MTV VMA’s) television appearance 5
Prince live on Arsenio live television appearance
Prince live on Arsenio Hall (2/93) live television appearance
Rainbow Live In 1984 concert 60
Rainmakers, The Video Collection video collection
Raitt, Bonnie Live On Saturday Night Live live television appearance 8
Raitt, Bonnie Live On Saturday Night Live live television appearance
Randee Of The Redwoods “MTV, Goodnight Honey” commercial commercial 001
Rat Pack, The Live concert
Ratt Live concert 15
Red Balloon, The
short feature 34
REM Unplugged

Richards, Denise on Melrose Place television appearance
Ringwald, Molly Guest VJ Hour television appearance
Ringwald, Molly MTV Guest VJ Hour television appearance 60
Ringwald, Molly on Arsenio Hall interview
Rocky Horror Picture Show 10th Aniversary Show television special
Rocky Horror Picture Show Entertainment Tonight Special television special
Rocky Horror Picture Show segment on E! documentary 3
Rollins, Henry Live And Ripped In London television special 60
Rollins, Henry Talking From The Box concert 63
Rollins, Henry You Saw Me Up There concert 83
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
animated feature
San Diego At Large Helix Homecoming feature short feature 5
San Diego At Large Nissan commercial parody short feature 1
San Diego At Large The Final Show television special
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
animated feature
Saturday Night Live Best Of Eddie Murphy television appearance
Saturday Night Live with Patrick Stewart television appearance
Sesame Street Biography Close Up documentary 120
Shakespear’s Sister Hormonally Yours - The Videos video collection 25
Simmons, Gene Just Say No commercial
Simply Red Holding Back The Years (live from the 1986 MTV VMA’s) television appearance 3
Simply Red Money’s Too Tight To Mention (live from the 1986 MTV VMA’s) television appearance 3
Six Women With Brain Death One Year Anniversary (10/28/88)

Slick, China MTV Guest VJ spot (hot!) television appearance
Spacey, Kevin Inside The Actor’s Studio television special 60
Spinal Tap 1992 Reunion ?
Spinal Tap Presenting At The 1991 MTV VMA’s television appearance 3
Starr, Ringo Wine Cooler Commercial commercial
Steely Dan Art Crimes ‘96 concert
Steely Dan VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Steely Dan & Donald Fagen Various Live, Solo Videos & TV Appearances (1973 - 1995) compilation 90
Stereolab Live November 9, 1991, Various Music Videos, Live Bits & Interviews compilation 70
Stereolab Live Tuxedo Junction: Danbury, CT (September 21, 1994) compilation 75
Steve & Zoya Animated Short animated feature 002
Stone Temple Pilots VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Suede Animal Nitrate (live at the 1994 Brit Awards) television appearance
Suede Interview & Feature music feature
Supertramp A Decade Of Supertramp (1983 Docementary), Breakfast In America Music Videos & Various Live/Interview compilation 80
T’Pau Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1988 & View From The Bridge Video EP compilation 95
Talk Soup Vintage With Greg Kinear television episode 30
Teardrop Explodes, The Live In Nottingham 1981 & Live On The Old Grey Whistle Test (1980 & 1982) compilation 65
Tears For Fears Greatest Video Hits (1982 - 1992) compilation
That 70’s Show commercial commercial 1
That’s What Friends Are For Live At The 1987 American Music Awards television appearance 3
That’s What Friends Are For Live At The 1987 Grammys television appearance 3
Thompson Twins Side Kicks Live In Liverpool & Single Vision Video Collection compilation 105
Townshend, Pete Face The Face (Tonight Show) television appearance
Townshend, Pete VH1 Storytellers concert 60
Transvision Vamp Pop Art, Velveteen & If Looks Could Kill Video Collections compilation 70
Tribute To Irving Berlin
television special
Turner, Tina What You Get Is What You See (live at the 1987 American Music Awards) television appearance 3
Vega, Suzanne Live At The Royal Albert Hall 1986 & 1990 UK Video Collection compilation 90
VH1 Presents The 80’s Parts 1 - 5 television special 300
Voice Of The Beehive UK TV concert 41
Waters, Roger Radio Kaos music feature 20
Waters, Roger The Wall - Live concert 110
Weller, Paul Wild Wood (live) television appearance
White City The Making Of White City documentary
Willis, Bruce Jackpot (live at the 1987 American Music Awards) television appearance 3
Willis, Bruce Respect (live with The Pointer Sisters) ?
Witt, Alicia Lick My Button On Ally Mcbeal

XTC Music Videos 1977 - 1992 compilation 80
XTC (Andy Partridge) Hosting On MTV

Yahoo Serious MTV promo commercial 2
Yankovic, Weird Al AL TV 19?? ?
Yankovic, Weird Al AL TV 1988 ?
Yankovic, Weird Al AL TV 2003 ? 30
Yo! MTV Unplugged
concert 30
Young Ones, The Interview With Rik Mayall & Ben Elton

Yugo commercial
commercial 1
Zappa, Frank Does Humour Belong In Music? concert 60
Zappa, Frank Late Show with Joan Rivers interview
Zappa, Moon Unit The Valley Girl Incident television appearance 1

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