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Artist Title Format Desc
38 Special Flashback (Greatest Hits) CD US/1987/14 tracks
A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran/Pick Me Up 7” US/1982/2 tracks - B side is non-LP
A Flock Of Seagulls The More You Love/Lost Control 7” US/1984/2 tracks - B side is non-LP - picture sleeve
Addotta, Kip Life In The Slaw Lane LP US/1986/9 tracks
Al Perry & The Cattle Losin’ Hand CD Australia/1995/2CD-15 tracks
Ambrosia Ambrosia LP US/1975/8 tracks
Ambrosia Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled LP US/1976/cool 3-D pyramid cover
Atlantic Starr Secret Lovers/If Your Heart Isn’t In It 7” US/1985
Bachelor Party Soundtrack LP US/1984/10 tracks/REM, Oingo Boingo, The Alarm
Baha Men Move It Like This CD US/2002/13 tracks (advance)
Ballard, Russ Russ Ballard (1974) LP US/1974
Barlow, Randy Fall In Love With Me LP US/19??/10 tracks
Beautiful South How Long’s A Tear Take To Dry #1 CD5 UK/1999/3 tracks (2 non-lp)/digipack
Beautiful South How Long’s A Tear Take To Dry #2 CD5 UK/1999/3 tracks (2 non-lp)/digipack
Beautiful South One Last Love Song #1 CD5 UK/1994/2 non-lp tracks
Beautiful South One Last Love Song #2 CD5 UK/1994/2 non-lp tracks
Beautiful South, The Good As Gold + 2 non-lp CD5 UK/1994/3 tracks
Bedknobs And Broomsticks Original Cast Soundtrack LP US/gatefold edition
Berman, Shelley Inside Shelley Berman LP US release on Verve
Berman, Shelley Outside Shelley Berman LP US release on Verve
Berman, Shelley The Edge Of Shelley Berman LP US/1960/classic comedy
Bingoboys How To Dance CD5 US/1991/5 mixes
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! (remastered) CD UK/1996/9 tracks/import
Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy (remastered) CD UK/1996/8 tracks/import
Brown, Bobby Every Little Step 12” US/1989/3 cool mixes
Carlin, George Playin' With Your Head LP US/1986/11 tracks
Chapin, Harry Anthology LP US/1985/has rare “Song Man”
Cherry, Eagle Eye Permanent Tears (Sneaker Pimps remix) CD5 UK/1999/has a brilliant cover of “Mama Said Knock You Out”
Chic Good Times/My Forbidden Lover 7” US/1979/re-issue
Church Number EP CD5 US/2002/3 non-lp tracks
Climax featuring Sonny Geraci Climax LP US/1972/has “Precious & Few”
Cline, Patsy The Ultimate Collection CD UK/1997/30 tracks
Coolidge-Jones, Priscilla Flying LP US/1979/9 tracks
Cornwell, Hugh Guilty CD UK/1997/11 tracks/has deluxe die cut slipcase
Cosby, Bill Himself LP US/1982/7 tracks
Cover Girls, The Show Me CD US/1988/8 tracks
Darkness, The I Believe In A Thing Called Love CD5 UK/2003/4 tracks + video
DeBurgh, Chris Crusader LP US/1979/10 tracks (promo)
Diesel Watts In A Tank LP US/1981/11 tracks
Doctor & The Medics Laughing At The Pieces LP US/1986/10 tracks
Dodgy Every Single Day CD5 UK/1998/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Dodgy Found You CD5 UK/1997/4 tracks (3 non-lp)
Dodgy Good Enough CD5 UK/1996/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Dodgy If You’re Thinking Of Me CD5 UK/1996/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Dodgy In A Room (Full Version) CD5 UK/1996/3 tracks (all non-lp)
Dodgy This Is Ours: A Collection Of Rare Tracks CD Japan/1994/8 tracks (all non-lp)
Dodgy (We All Need A Little) Lifting CD5 UK/2001/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Dolby, Thomas (Dolby’s Cube) May The Cube Be With You 12” UK/1985/”cube” shaped jacket - feat George Clinton
Dovells, The Do The Continental/Mope-Itty Mope Stomp 7” US/1962
Duke, George Follow The Rainbow LP US/1979/promo edition
Echo & The Bunnymen Don’t Let It Get You Down CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 live)
Echo & The Bunnymen I Want To Be There When You Come #1 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 BBC live)
Echo & The Bunnymen I Want To Be There When You Come #2 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 acoustic)
Echo & The Bunnymen Nothing Lasts Forever 7” UK/1997/3 tracks (2 are non-lp)/gatefold pic sleeve
Echo & The Bunnymen Nothing Lasts Forever #1 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Echo & The Bunnymen Nothing Lasts Forever #2 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Echo & The Bunnymen Rust #1 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Echo & The Bunnymen Rust #2 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
Echobelly The World Is Flat #1 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks
Echobelly The World Is Flat #2 CD5 UK/1997/3 tracks
Eels Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues #1 CD5 UK/1999/1 non-lp, 1 video
Eels Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues #2 CD5 UK/1999/1 non-lp, 1 video
Eels Novocaine For The Soul CD5 UK/1996/2 non-lp
Eels Rags To Riches CD5 UK/1996/1 non-lp
Eels Susan’s House CD5 UK/1997/2 non-lp
Electrafixion Lowdown CD5 UK/1995/4 tracks (3 non-lp)
Electrafixion Never #1 & #2 (digipak) CD5 UK/1995/8 tracks (3 non-lp, 3 remixes)
Electrafixion Zephyr EP CD5 UK/1994/4 tracks (3 non-lp)
Fields, W.C. W.C. Fields On Radio LP US/19??
Fish Karma Hell-Hound On My Leg EP 7” US/1988/4 tracks
Five Keys, The Now Don’t That Prove I Love You/Wisdom Of A Fool 7” US/19??/original Capitol release
Flo & Eddie Rock Steady LP US/1981/12 tracks
Foreigner Very Best & Beyond CD US/1992/17 tracks
Garbage Androgyny CD5 UK/2001/4 tracks (3 non-lp)
Gayle, Crystal Half The Way/The Woman In Me 7” US/1981
Geordie Singles Collection (1972-1976) CD UK/2001/17 tracks/pre-AC/DC band with Brian Johnson
Gilder, Nick City Nights LP US/1978/10 tracks
Griner, Elsie & Geunie The Focus On: The South Where The Reaction Is LP 1966/autographed
Guadalcanal Diary Flip-Flop CD US/1989/11 tracks
Guadalcanal Diary Jamboree LP US/1986/12 tracks
Guy, Jasmine Try Me CD5 US/1990/3 tracks
Happiest Millionaire, The Soundtrack LP US/1967/gatefold w/ booklet
Harris, Sam Sam Harris LP US/1984/10 tracks
Hazard, Robert Escalator Of Life EP 12” US/1982/5 tracks
Heyward, Nick North Of A Mircale CD US/1983/10 tracks
Hine, Rupert Wildest Wish To Fly LP US/1984/promo copy
Hudson & Landry Right-Off LP US/19??
Human League Human (ext version) 12” US/1986/3 versions
Ice T Colors (radio version) 7” US/1987/pic sleeve
Idol, Billy Storytellers Live CD US/2002/14 tracks/promo
Imbruglia, Natalie That Day CD5 UK/2001/3 tracks (2 non-lp)
INXS INXS CD US/1980/10 tracks
INXS Underneath The Colours CD US/1981/10 tracks
Jackson, Janet Son Of A Gun (radio remix) CD5 US/2001/2 tracks
Jackson, Joe Look Sharp! CD US/1979/11 tracks
Jay Z I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) CD5 US/2001/promo/2 versions: radio & instrumental
Jesus Jones London CD US/2001/12 tracks/their comeback album
Jigsaw Jigsaw LP US/1975/with “Sky High”
Jigsaw Sky High/Brand New Love Affair 7” US/1975
JoBoxers Like Gangbusters LP US/1983/10 tracks/Just Got Lukcy
Kelly, Paul Give In To My Love CD5 Australia/1995/2 non-lp tracks
Kinks, The A Complete Collection (2LP) LP US/1984/20 tracks (has rare singles)
Lauper, Cyndi Shine CD6 US/2001/5 tracks
Lennox, Annie Waiting In Vain + cards CD5 UK/1995/3 non-lp + interview
Lightfoot, Gordon Dream Street Rose LP US/1980/10 tracks
Lightning Seeds Pure/God Help Them/Fools (last 2 non-lp) 12” UK/19??/has
Lopez, George Right Now Right Now CD US/2001/18 tracks
Lords Of The New Church Real Bad Time/Things Go Bump 12” French/1990/4 tracks
Loudness Lightning Strikes LP US/1986/9 tracks
Manchester, Melissa Midnight Blue/I Got Eyes 7” US/1975/2tracks
Marino, Frank Juggernaut LP US-promo/1982/8 tracks/has “Strange Dreams”
Martha & The Muffins Danseparc LP US/1983/9 tracks
Martha & The Muffins Mystery Walk LP Canada/1984/10 tracks
McLaren, Malcolm Buffalo Gals/Double Dutch 7” US/1983
Mel & Kim Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)/Respect 7” US/1986/PS
Members, The Uprhythm, Downbeat LP US/1982/has hit “Working Girl (I’m In Love With)”
Men At Work Cargo CD US/1983/10 tracks
Men At Work Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive 12” US/1982/promo w/ non-lp live
Mirwais Production CD US/2000/9 tracks/worked with Madonna on Music
Monty Python Monty Python’s Flying Circus LP UK/1970/rare original BBC recording
Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls CD US/1987/10 tracks
Motley Crue Theatre Of Pain CD US/1985/10 tracks
Mraz, George Morava CD US/2001/12 tracks
Muldaur, Maria Live In London LP UK/1995/9 tracks - AUTOGRAPHED
Naked Eyes Fuel For The Fire LP US/1984/10 tracks
Naked Eyes Voices In My Head/Sweet Poison 7” UK/2 tracks/PS
New Kids On The Block Hangin’ Tough LP US/1988/10 tracks
Newhart, Bob The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart LP US/19??
Newton, Juice Queen Of Hearts/River Of Love 7” US/1981/pic sleeve
Nine Inch Nails The Day The World Went Away CD5 US/1999/3 tracks
O’Brien, Richard Absolute O’Brien CD US/1999/11 tracks
Oingo Boingo Weird Science (edit) 7” US/1985/pic sleeve
Parr, John John Parr (with “Naughty Naughy”) LP US/1984/9 tracks
Pebbles Girlfriend (7”)/Girlfriend (instrumental) 7” US/1987/PS
Pebbles Mercedes Boy (7”)/Mercedes Boy (instrumental) 7” US/1987/PS
Perrey & Kingsley The Essential Of Perrey & Kingsley CD US/1988/26 tracks
Plant, Robert Your Mama Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night CD5 German/1990/3 tracks (2 are non-lp)
Player Room With A View LP US/1980/9 tracks
Polecats, The Make A Curcuit With Me EP US/1981/7 tracks
Puya Fundamental CD US/1999/12 tracks (enhanced CD)
Rafferty, Gerry Gerry Rafferty LP US/1974/15 tracks
Raven Stay Hard LP US/1985/classic metal
Reddy, Helen Helen Reddy LP US/1970?/10 tracks
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman LP US/1972/10 tracks
Reddy, Helen Long Hard Climb LP US/1978/10 tracks/gatefold
Richie, Lionel Can’t Slow Down CD US/1983/8 tracks
Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling CD US/1985/9 tracks
Richie, Lionel Lionel Richie CD US/1982/9 tracks
Rickles, Don Hello Dummy! LP US/very funny
Rocky Horror Picture Show The Time Warp 2000 (TW2K) CD5 US/1999/4 tracks
Rogers, Julie ...With Feeling! LP US/1972/10 tracks
Rogers, Kenny Greatest Country Hits CD US/1990/11 tracks
Rogers, Kenny Greatest Hits CD US/1980/12 tracks
Roman Holiday Cookin’ On The Roof LP US/1983/10 tracks
Samples, Junior The World Of Junior Samples LP US/19??/funny stories from down south
Sanford & Townsend Smoke From A Distant Fire LP US/1977
Shelleyan Orphan Burst (remix) CD5 Australia/1993/5 tracks/paper sleeve
Shocked, Michelle Short Sharp Shocked CD US/1988/10 tracks
Silver, Karen Hold On I’m Comin’ EP 12” US/1979/5 tracks
Silverstein, Shel Songs & Stories LP US/1978/13 tracks - promo stamp
Simon, Paul Graceland CD US/1986/11 tracks
Simon, Paul One-Trick Pony CD US/1980/10 tracks
Simon, Paul Songs From The Capeman CD US/1997/13 tracks
Simon, Paul The Rhythm Of The Saints CD US/1990/10 tracks
Smothers Brothers The Comedy & Songs Of The Smothers Brothers LP US/19??
Snoop Dogg Gin & Juice CD5 UK/1993/4 mixes
Snoop Dogg What’s My Name? CD5 UK/1993/5 mixes
Squeeze Annie Get Your Gun EP CD5 US/1990/5 tracks (all live or non-lp)
Squeeze Bang Bang/All Fed Up (non-lp) 7” UK/1978/green vinyl/PS
Squeeze Black Coffee In Bed/The Hunt (non-lp) 7” UK/1982/PS
Squeeze Down In The Valley CD5 UK/1998/4 tracks
Squeeze Electric Trains CD5 UK/1995/2 non-lp, 1 live
Squeeze Everything In The World +3 live tracks CD5 US/1993/4 tracks
Squeeze Heaven Knows #1 +3 live CD5 UK/1996/4 tracks
Squeeze Heaven Knows #3 +3 live CD5 UK/1996/4 tracks
Squeeze If I Didn’t Love You/Pretty One (non-lp) 7” US/1980/PS
Squeeze It's Over CD5 UK/1994/2 live tracks
Squeeze Loving You Tonight (2 mixes) CD5 UK/digipack/1993/4 tracks (2 live)
Squeeze Some Fantastic Place #1 CD5 UK/digipack/1993/3 non-lp tracks
Squeeze Some Fantastic Place #2 CD5 UK/1993/3 non-lp tracks
Squeeze Take Me I’m Yours/Night Nurse (non-lp) 7” UK/1978/PS
Squeeze Tempted/Yap, Yap, Yap (non-lp) 7” UK/1981/PS
Squeeze Third Rail #1 CD5 UK/digipack/1993/3 live tracks
Squeeze Third Rail #2 CD5 UK/1993/1 live, 1 remix
Squeeze This Summer #1 CD5 UK/1995/1 live, 1 non-lp
Squeeze This Summer #2 CD5 UK/1995/1 live, 1 non-lp
Squeeze This Summer (remix) #3 CD5 UK/1995/3 non-lp tracks
Stealers Wheel Ferguslie Park LP US/1973/12 tracks
Stealers Wheel Stealers Wheel LP US/1972/10 tracks
Stephenson, Van Righteous Anger LP US-promo/1984/has “Modern Day Delilah”
Stevens, Cat Matthew & Son CD US/1988/16 tracks (4 bonus)
Stevens, Cat New Masters CD US/1989/19 tracks (7 bonus)
Stevens, Cat Very Young & Early Songs LP US/197?/his 10 earliest compositions
Stewart, Rod Vagabond Heart CD US/1991/12 tracks - SEALED
Strawberry Shortcake The World Of Strawberry Shortcake LP US/1980
Stress Killing Me Night & Day LP France/1983/8 tracks
Super Furry Animals (Drawing) Rings Around The World CD5 UK/2001/3 tracks (2 non-lp) + video
Three O’Clock, The Arrive Without Traveling LP US/1985/11 tracks
Tide Is High, The Various Artists CD UK/1999/22 tracks/classic reggae
Tony Tone Toni The Revival CD US/1990/14 tracks
Trax Dancing In The Sheets LP US/1978/features Keith Forsey (Breakfast Club)
Trax Watch Out LP US/1977/features Keith Forsey (Breakfast Club)
unknown artist Rosie Don’t Bang On The Piano/Favorite Indoor Sport 7” US/Laff Records novelty single
Vapors, The Magnets LP US/1981/11 tracks
Video Kids Woodpecker From Space 12” US/1985/DJ classic
Voice Of The Beehive I Say Nothing 12” UK/1987/3 tracks
Voice Of The Beehive Just A City 12” UK/1987/3 tracks
Wagner, Jack All I Need EP 12” US/1984/5 tracks
Waronker, Anna Anna By Anna Waronker CD US/2002/14 tracks
Warwick, Dionne Heartbreaker/Take The Short Way Home 7” US/1982
Wham! Make It Big CD US/1984/8 tracks - SEALED
Williams, Robbie Better Man CD5 UK/2001/4 tracks (3 non-lp) + video
Williams, Robin Reality... What A Concept LP US/1979/11 tracks
Williams, Robin Throbbing Python Of Love LP US/1983/14 tracks
World Party Bang! CD US/1993/12 tracks
World Party Egyptology CD US/1997/15 tracks
World Party Goodbye Jumbo CD US/1990/12 tracks
World Party Private Revolution CD US/1986/11 tracks
Wrestlers Land Of 1,000 Dances (dance version) 12” US/1985/from WWF “The Wrestling Album”
Yes 90125 CD US/1983/9 tracks
Yes Highlights: Very Best Of Yes CD US/1993/12 tracks

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