Book Collection

I occasionally lend books and thought it would be nice to have a listing so everyone can easily see what's available.

Author Title
Adair, Virginia Hamilton Ants On The Melon
Adams, Douglas Life, The Universe And Everything
Adams, Douglas So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
Adams, Douglas The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Adams, Douglas The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
Allen, Robert Mensa Mighty Mind Benders
Amend, Bill Foxtrot
Amend, Bill Pass The Loot
Amis, Martin The Rachel Papers
Anderson, G.l. Masterpieces Of The Orient Express
Andrews, V.C. Dark Angel
Andrews, V.C. Garden Of Shadows
Andrews, V.C. My Sweet Audrina
Andrews, V.C. Seeds Of Yesterday
Arden, William 3I: Mystery Of The Dead Man’s Riddle
Arden, William 3I: Mystery Of The Laughing Shadow
Arden, William 3I: Mystery Of The Shrinking House
Ariel, David S. What Do Jews Believe?
Arthur, Robert 3I: Mystery Of The Green Ghost
Arthur, Robert 3I: Mystery Of The Stuttering Parrot
Arthur, Robert 3I: Secret Of Terror Castle
Austen, Jane The Complete Novels
Bacci, Mina European Porcelain
Bainton, Roland H. Here I Stand: A Life Of Martin Luther
Baker, Sunny & Kim The Ultimate Home Office Survival Guide
Barker, Clive Books Of Blood 1-3
Barker, Clive Cabal
Barker, Clive Everville
Barker, Clive Galilee
Barker, Clive Imajica
Barker, Clive In The Flesh
Barker, Clive Sacrement
Barker, Clive The Great And Secret Show
Barker, Clive The Hellbound Heart
Barker, Clive The Inhuman Condition
Barker, Clive Weaveworld
Barnes-Svarney, Patricia (editor) N.Y. Public Library Science Desk Reference
Base, Graeme Animalia
Baum, Frank L. Dorothy & The Wizard Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. Glinda Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. Ozma Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. Rinkitink In OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Emerald City Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Land Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Lost Princess Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Magic Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Patchwork Girl Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Road To Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Scarecrow Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Tin Woodsman Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. The Wizard Of OZ
Baum, Frank L. Tik-Tok Of OZ
Beahm, George The Stephen King Companion
Bechtel, Stephen Practical Encyclopedia Of Sex & Health
Beck, Jerry & Will Friedwald A Complete Illustrated Guide To Warner Brothers Cartoons
Beddow, Margery Bob Fosse’s Broadway
Benchley, Peter Jaws
Berg, Dave Looks At The Neighborhood
Bergamini, David Japan’s Imperial Conspiracy
Berkman, Robert Find It Fast
Bernays, Anne And Pamela Painter What If? Writing Exercises For Fiction Writers
Best Brains MST3K: Amazing Colossal Episode Guide
Black, David Murder At The Met
Blake, William The Complete Poetry & Prose Of William Blake
Blatty, William Peter The Ninth Configuration
Bloch, Robert Psycho
Bohn, Thomas Light And Shadows
Boswell, John Christianity, Social Tolerance & Homosexuality
Boucher, Anthony The Complete Werewolf
Bowers, John D. Save Thousands When You Buy Or Sell Your Home
Bradbury, Ray The Vintage Bradbury
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Mists Of Avalon
Brandner, Gary The Howling
Breathed, Berke Billy And The Boingers Bootleg
Breathed, Berke Bloom County Babylon: Five Years Of Basic Naughtiness
Breathed, Berke Happy Trails!
Breathed, Berke His Kisses Are Dreamy...
Breathed, Berke Loose Tails
Breathed, Berke Night Of The Mary Kay Commandos
Breathed, Berke Penguin Dreams And Stranger Things
Breathed, Berke Politically, Fashionably And Aerodynamically Incorrect
Breathed, Berke Tales Too Ticklish To Tell
Breathed, Berke Toons For Our Times
Bronson, Fred The Billboard Book Of Number 1 Hits: 5th Edition
Bronte, Charolotte Jane Eyre
Brookins, Dana Soul Eater
Brothers Grimm The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm: Volume 1
Brothers Grimm The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm: Volume 2
Brown, Claude Manchild In The Promised Land
Brown, Peter The Body And Society
Bruess, Clint Decisions For Health
Bugental, J.F.T. The Search For Authenticity
Burgess, Anthony A Clockwork Orange
Burke, Edmund & Thomas Paine Reflections On The Revolution In France & The Rights Of Man
Bussagli, Mario Indian Miniatures
Canby, Henry The Book Of The Short Story
Cappon, Rene J. The Associated Press: Guide To Punctuation
Caretr, Diana Richard Attenborough's Chorus Line
Carey, M.V. 3I: Mystery Of The Flaming Footprints
Carey, M.V. 3I: Mystery Of The Invisible Dog
Carey, M.V. 3I: Mystery Of The Missing Mermaids
Carey, M.V. 3I: Mystery Of The Monster Mountain
Carey, M.V. 3I: Mystery Of The Trail Of Terror
Carlson, Jeff Real World: Adobe Golive 4
Carpenter, Humphrey Tolkien
Cather, Willa Death Comes For The Archbishop
Cervantes Don Quixote
Charnas, Suzy Mckee The Vampire Tapestry
Chekhov, Anton The Unknown Chekov
Chesire, David The Book Of Movie Photography
Christie, Agatha An Overdose Of Death
Christie, Agatha Dead Man's Mirror
Christie, Agatha Elephants Can Remember
Christie, Agatha Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective
Christie, Agatha Murder After Hours
Christie, Agatha Murder On The Orient Express
Christie, Agatha N or M?
Christie, Agatha Ordeal By Innocence
Christie, Agatha Surprise! Surprise!
Christie, Agatha The Big Four
Christie, Agatha The Body In The Library
Christie, Agatha The Labors Of Hercules
Christie, Agatha The Moving Finger
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Mr. Quin
Christie, Agatha The Mystery Of The Blue Train
Christie, Agatha The Pale Horse
Christopher, John The City Of Gold & Lead
Christopher, John The Pool Of Fire
Christopher, John The White Mountains
Christopher, John When The Tripods Came
Clark, Elaine E. There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is
Clarke, Arthur C. 2001: A Space Odyssey
Cleese, John And Connie Booth The Complete Fawlty Towers
Clurman, Harold (ed) Nine Plays Of The Modern Theatre
Coe, Jonathan A Wonderful Life
Cole, Hillis Complete Guide To Standard Script Formats
Collection Amberzine #02
Collection Amberzine #03
Collection Amberzine #04
Collection Amberzine #05
Collection Amberzine #06
Collection Amberzine #07
Collection Amberzine #08
Collection Amberzine #09
Collection Amberzine #10
Collection Analog 2 - The Best From Analog
Collection More Great Railway Journeys
Cook, Blanche Wiesen Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1933)
Cook, Robin Coma
Cook, Robin Godplayer
Cook, Robin Mindbend
Cook, Robin Mortal Fear
Cook, Robin Outbreak
Cook, Robin Vital Signs
Cope, Julian Head On
Cordon, Richard Prizzi's Honor
Cottingham, Clive The Game Of Billards
Coyne, John The Legacy
Cross, Alan The Alternative Music Almanac
Cross, Milton Stories Of The Great Operas
Crowther, Duane S. Life Everlasting
Dale, Steve Simpson Mania Consumer Guide
Daley, Brian Han Solo At Stars’ End
Daley, Brian Han Solo & The Lost Legacy
Daley, Brian Han Solo’s Revenge
Daley, Brian Tron
Daniels, Victor & Laurence Horowitz Being And Caring
Dante The Inferno
De Paor, Liam Archaeology: An Illustrated Introduction
Degeneres, Ellen My Point And I Do Have One...
Densmore, John Riders On The Storm
Dewey, John Human Nature And Conduct
Dickens, Charles A Tale Of Two Cities
Dickens, Charles Nicholas Nickleby
Dostoevsky, Fydor Crime And Punishment
Doyle, A. Conan The Boys Of Sherlock Holmes
Drabble, Margaret Thank You All Very Much
Drake, David Hammer's Slammers
Duffy, J.C. Cruel And Unusual
Duffy, J.C. Meet The Fusco Brothers
Duffy, J.C. Newark And Reality... Together Again
Duffy, J.C. Virtual Banality
Dumas, Alexandra The Count Of Monte Cristo
Dyer, Wayne W. Your Erroneous Zones
Edmondson, Adrian How To Be A Complete Bastard
Edmondson, Adrian The Complete Bastard’s Book Of The Worst
Ellison, Harlan Dangerous Visions #1
Ellison, Harlan Dreams With Sharp Teeth
Ellison, Ralph Invisible Man
Ellmann, Oscar Oscar Wilde
Erdman, Nikolai The Suicide
Finch, Christopher The Works: The Art, The Magic, The Imagination
Finney, Jack Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby
Fitzhugh, Louis The Long Secret
Flagg, Fannie Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe
Fleetwood, Mick Fleetwood
Fleming, William Arts And Ideas
Follett, Ken Pillars Of The Earth
Foster, Alan Dean Splinter Of The Minds Eye
Foster, Robert The Complete Guide To Middle Earth
Frakes, Randall Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Francoeur, Robert Taking Sides: Clashing Views On Controversial Issues
Frost, Robert The Poetry Of Robert Frost
Frye, Northrup Anatomy Of Criticism
Gackenbach, Jayne & Jane Bosveld Control Your Dreams
Gage, Nicholas Eleni
Gary, Sally San Diego's Best Freebies And Bargains
Gay, Peter The Enlightenment: A Comprehensive Anthology
Gerzina, Gretchen Holbrook Carrington: A Life
Gibran, Kahil The Treasured Writings Of Kahlil Gibran
Gibran, Kahlil A Self Portrait
Gilmour, H.B. Pretty In Pink
Givens, Bill Film Flubs: Memorable Movie Mistakes
Givens, Bill Son Of Film Flubs
Gligorov, Roberto Sting: The Illustrated Lyrics
God (Ha Ha Ha Ha) The Bible
God (no, seriously) The Bible (King James edition)
God (oh please) The Book Of Mormon
Golding, William Lord Of The Flies
Gordon, Ruth Myself Among Others
Gottfried, Martin All His Jazz: The Life And Death Of Bob Fosse
Green, R.l. Ten Tales Of Detection
Greene, James & David Lewis Know Your Own Mind
Groening, Matt Akbar And Jeff's Guide To Life
Groening, Matt Childhood Is Hell
Groening, Matt How To Go To Hell
Groening, Matt Love Is Hell
Groening, Matt School Is Hell
Groening, Matt The Big Book Of Hell
Groening, Matt The Simpson's Rainy Day Fun Book
Groening, Matt The Simpsons Fun In The Sun Book
Groening, Matt The Simpsons: Uncensored Family Album
Groening, Matt Work Is Hell
Grubb, Kevin Razzle Dazzle: The Life & Art Of Bob Fosse
Hale, Constance Sin And Syntax
Hamilton, Edith Mythology
Hanff, Helene 84 Charing Cross Road
Harris, Robert Fatherland
Harris, Thomas Hannibal
Hart, Johnny B.C. Big Wheel
Hart, Johnny I'm Of To See The Wizard
Hawking, Stephen A Brief History Of Time
Hawthorne, Nathaniel The Scarlet Letter
Heinlein, Robert A. Farnham's Freehold
Heinlein, Robert A. Stranger In A Strange Land
Helix Students Second Thoughts 1
Helix Students Second Thoughts 2
Helix Students Second Thoughts 3
Helix Students Second Thoughts 4
Hemingway, Ernest A Farewell To Arms
Hemingway, Ernest For Whom The Bell Tolls
Henkin, Bill The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book
Henson, Jim The Muppet Show Book
Herbert, Frank Chapterhouse: Dune
Herbert, Frank Children Of Dune
Herbert, Frank Dune
Herbert, Frank Dune Messiah
Herbert, Frank God Emperor Of Dune
Herbert, Frank The Dosadi Experiment
Heron, Ann (ed) One Teenager In Ten
Herzog, Arthur The Swarm
Hesse, Herman Siddhartha
Heywood, Joseph The Berkut
Higgins, Colin Harold & Maude
Hirsch, E.D. Culteral Literacy (2nd edition)
Hirsch, E.D. Cultural Literacy
Hobson, Anthony J.W. Waterhouse
Hodgell, P.C. God Stalk
Hofstadter, Douglas Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Hofstadter, Douglas The Minds I
Horowitz, Al & Fred Reinfeld First Book Of Chess
Horsting, Jessie Stephen King: At The Movie
Howard, Clark Clark Howard’s Consumer Suvival Kit 3
Hugo, Victor The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Hutschnecker, Arnold A. The Drive For Power
Huxley, Julian Religion Without Revelation
Ishiguro, Kazuo The Remains Of The Day
Jacklin, Judith & Tino Insana The Blues Brothers - Private
Johnson, Kim First 20 Years Of Monty Python
Johnson, Kim "Howard" And Now For Something Completely Trivial
Johnson, Kim "Howard" Life Before And After Monty Python
Jones, Vicki How To Type Scripts
Kahn, James Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
Kay, Susan Phantom
Kaz Nellie The Nurse
Kesey, Ken One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
King, Stephen Christine
King, Stephen Cujo
King, Stephen Danse Macabre
King, Stephen Desperation
King, Stephen Different Seasons
King, Stephen Dolores Claiborne
King, Stephen Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales
King, Stephen Eyes Of The Dragon
King, Stephen Firestarter
King, Stephen Four Past Midnight
King, Stephen Gerald's Game
King, Stephen Hearts In Atlantis
King, Stephen Insomnia
King, Stephen It
King, Stephen Misery
King, Stephen Needfull Things
King, Stephen Night Shift
King, Stephen Nightmares & Dreamscapes
King, Stephen Pet Sematary
King, Stephen Rose Madder
King, Stephen Skeleton Crew
King, Stephen Storm Of The Century
King, Stephen The Bachman Books
King, Stephen The Dark Half
King, Stephen The Dark Tower: The Drawing Of Three
King, Stephen The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
King, Stephen The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands
King, Stephen The Dark Tower: Wizard And Glass
King, Stephen The Dead Zone
King, Stephen The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
King, Stephen The Green Mile
King, Stephen The Regulators
King, Stephen The Shining/Salem's Lot/Night Shift/Carrie
King, Stephen The Stand (original)
King, Stephen The Stand (uncut)
King, Stephen The Talisman
King, Stephen The Tommyknockers
King, Stephen Thinner
King, Stephen & Peter Straub Black House
Kohn, Al & Bob Kohn On Music Licensing
Kohn, Al & Bob Kohn On Music Licensing (1998 supplement)
Kohn, Al & Bob Kohn On Music Licensing (1999 supplement)
Kolatch, Alfred J. The Jewish Book Of Why
Koontz, Dean R. Lightning
Koontz, Dean R. The Bad Place
Koontz, Dean R. Three Complete Novels
Krasilovsky, M. William & Sidney Shemel This Business Of Music
Krulick, Theodore The Complete Amber Sourcebook
Kubrick, Stanley + Arthur Schnitzler Eyes Wide Shut + Dream Story
L'engle, Madeleine A Swiftly Tilting Planet
L'engle, Madeleine A Wind In The Door
L'engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle In Time
Laberge, Stephen Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming
Larson, Gary Beyond The Far Side
Larson, Gary Bride Of The Far Side
Larson, Gary Hound Of The Far Side
Larson, Gary In Search Of The Far Side
Larson, Gary It Came From The Far Side
Larson, Gary Night Of The Crash-Test Dummies
Larson, Gary The Chickens Are Restless
Larson, Gary The Far Side
Larson, Gary The Far Side Observer
Larson, Gary Unnatural Selections
Larson, Gary Valley Of The Far Side
Larson, Gary Wiener Dog Art
Larson, Gary Wildlife Preserves
Lee, Harper To Kill A Mockingbird
Leroux, Gaston The Phantom Of The Opera
Lessac, Arthur The Use And Training Of The Human Voice
Letterman, David And Writers Book Of Top Ten List: Volume 2
Letterman, David And Writers Book Of Top Ten Lists
Leven, Jeremy Creator
Leven, Jeremy Satan: His Psychotherapy And Cure By The Unfortunate Dr. Kassler J.S.P.S.
Levin, Ira Rosemary's Baby
Lewis, C.S. Prince Caspian
Lewis, C.S. The Horse And His Boy
Lewis, C.S. The Last Battle
Lewis, C.S. The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
Lewis, C.S. The Magician's Nephew
Lewis, C.S. The Silver Chair
Lewis, C.S. The Voyage Of The "Dawn Treader"
Lilienthal, Alfred M. There Goes The Middle East
Lippman, Thomas W. Understanding Islam
Long, Robert Emmet The Films Of Merchant Ivory
Lucas, George The Empire Strikes Back Storybook
Lucas, George The Star Wars Album
Lucas, George The Star Wars Storybook
Lynch, Lee Old Dyke Tales
Macdonald, Betty Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
Macdonald, Betty Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
Macdonald, Betty Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
Macdonald, Betty Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic
Macdonald, Patricia Stranger In The House
Mad A Mad Scramble
Mad Burning Mad
Mad Forbidden Mad
Mad Hooked On Mad
Mad Mad About The Buoy
Mad Swinging Mad
Mad The Mad Worry Book
Mad The Portable Mad
Malory Le Morte D'Arthur
Maltin, Leonard 1998 Movie & Video Guide
Martin, Steve Pure Drivel
McCaffrey, Anne Dragondrums
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsinger
McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsong
McGill, Gordon Omen 4
Mee, Charles L. Meeting At Potsdam
Meehan, Thomas Annie
Merril, Judith The Years Greatest Science-Fiction And Fantasy
Meyer, Edith Patterson Pirate Queen
Meyerowitz, Joel Redheads
Miler, Tony Cut! Print!
Miles, Julia Women Heroes: Six Short Plays From The Women’s Project
Miller, Arthur The Crucible
Miller, Dennis The Rants
Miller, Henry Tropic Of Cancer
Miller, Jean Baker (ed) Psychoanalysis And Women
Millerson, Gerald The Technique Of Lighting
Milner, Richard The Encyclopedia Of Evolution
Monaghan, Kelly Air Courier Bargains
Monty Python All The Words
Monty Python Big Red Book
Monty Python The Holy Grail Book
Monty Python The Meaning Of Life
Morgan, Robin Dry Your Smile
Morrison, Jim The American Night
Morrison, Jim Wilderness
Mouat, Lawrence Henry A Guide To Effective Public Speaking
Muir, Frank & Denis Norden The Utterly Ultimate ‘My Word!’ Collection
Murphy, Raymond Grammar In Use
Murphy, Raymond Grammar In Use - Answer Key
Nabokov, Vladimir Lolita
Nagler, A.M. A Source Book In Theatrical History
Nin, Anais Henry And June
Nissan 1990 Nissan Sentra Service Manual
O’Brien, John Leaving Las Vegas
O’Casey, Sean Three Plays
O’Rourke, P.J. Age And Guile
Olsen, Eric The Encyclopdeia Of Record Producers
Opie, Iona & Moria Tatem A Dictionary Of Superstitions
Orwell, George 1984
Osborne, John Look Back In Anger
Padover, Saul K. The Living U.S. Constitution
Palmer, Richard H. The Lighting Art: The Aesthetics Of Stage Lighting Design
Papazoglou, Orania Sanctity
Pattenden, Mike Last Orders At The Liars’ Bar
Pattillo, Graig W. TV Theme Soundtrack Directory
Pelikan, Jaroslav The World Treasury Of Modern Religious Thought
Perlis, Alan The Unofficial Guide To Buying A Home
Pettigrew, Jim The Billboard Guide To Music Publicity
Pilcher, Rosamunde Coming Home
Pirsig, Robert M. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenace
Planer, Nigel & Terence Blacker Neil’s Book Of The Dead
Poe, Edgar Allen Complete Tales & Poems
Poncin, Monique Le Brain Fitness
Raskin, Ellen Figgs & Phantoms
Raskin, Ellen The Mysterious Disappearance Of Leon (I Mean Noel)
Raskin, Ellen The Tattooed Potato
Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game
Rathbone, Andy Windows For Dummies
Rawls, Wilson Summer Of The Monkeys
Rawson, Hugh Wicked Words
Reed, Michael Southland
Reed, Michael And Rene Wright The Poem
Reed, Michael And Rene Wright The Poem: Part Two In 3-D
Rees, David Get Your War On
Rees, David Get Your War On 2
Reference Writer’s Market 1997
Rezwin, Max The Best Of Sick Jokes
Rice, Anne Interview With A Vampire
Rice, Anne The Queen Of The Damned
Rice, Anne The Vampire Lestat
Richmond, Ray The Simpsons: A Complete Guide
Rius Marx For Beginners
Robbins, Ira A. The Trouser Press Record Guide (4th edition)
Robbins, Ira A. Trouser Press Guide To 90’s Rock
Robbins, Tom Still Life With Woodpecker
Rogers, Kalen Tori Amos: All These Years
Rollins, Henry Body Bag
Rollins, Henry The First Five
Roquelaure, A.N. Beauty's Punishment
Roquelaure, A.N. Beauty's Release
Roquelaure, A.N. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone
Saint-Exupery, Antoine De The Little Prince
Sale, Kirkpatrick The Conquest Of Paradise
Sanders, Ed Tales Of Beatnik Glory
Sanello, Frank Jimmy Stewart: A Wonderful Life
Sartre, Jean-Paul Search For A Method
Sartre, Jean-Paul The Age Of Reason
Saunders, Jennifer Absolutely Fabulous
Saunders, Jennifer Absolutely Fabulous 2
Saussy, George Stone The Oxter English Dictionary
Sayle, Alexei Barcelona Plates
Sayle, Alexei The Dog Catcher
Sayle, Alexei Train To Hell
Sayle, Alexei & David Stafford Alexei Sayle’s Great Bus Journeys Of The World
Sayle, Alexei & Oscar Zarate Geoffrey The Tube Train & The Fat Comedian
Schimizzi, Ned Mastering The Mertic System
Schipper, Henry Broken Record
Schulz, Charles M. It's For You Snoopy
Schur, Norman British English: A To Zed
Schwartz, Daylle Deanna Start & Run Your Own Record Label
Sears, Barry Enter The Zone
Shakespear, William The Complete Works Of William Shakespear
Shales, Tom & James Andrew Miller Live From New York: An Uncensored Of Saturday Night Live
Shattuck, Roger Forbidden Knowledge
Silverstein, Shel A Light In The Attic
Silverstein, Shel Where The Sidewalk Ends
Singer, Isaac Singer The Collected Stories
Sleator, William Instellar Pig
Smith, Preserved 1543-1687: A History Of Modern Culture Volume 1
Smith, Preserved Reformation In Europe
Smith, Ronald L. Goldmine Comedy Record Price Guide
Spinal Tap This Is Spinal Tap: The Official Companion
Spitz, Bob Barefoot In Babylon
Stanton, Stephen S. (ed) Camille And Other Plays
Steinbeck, John Of Mice And Men
Stevenson, Robert Louis Dr. Jekell And Mr. Hyde
Stevenson, Robert Louis Kidnapped
Stewart, James B. Den Of Thieves
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Strachey, Lytton Eminent Victorians: The Illustrationed Edition
Strassfeld, Michael The Jewish Holidays
Streit, Clarence K. Freedom Against Itself
Swift, Nick Now That’s What I Call Quite Good
Tannahill, Reay Sex In History
Taylor, John Russell Hitch
Tennyson, Alfred Lord The Lady Of Shalott
Thompson, Emma Sense & Sensibility: Screenplay & Diaries
Tobler, John This Day In Rock
Tolkien, J.R.R. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
Tolkien, J.R.R. Smith Of Wootton Major
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Fellowship Of The Rings
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit - Picture Book
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Return Of The King
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Tolkien Reader
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Two Towers
Tolkien, J.R.R. Unfinished Tales
Twain, Mark Letters From The Earth
Twain, Mark The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
Tyler, Anne The Accidental Tourist
Underwood, Tim & Chuck Miller Rare Bones: Conversations With Stephen King
Updike, John The Witches Of Eastwick
Vaid, Urvashi Virtual Equality
Vega, Suzanne The Passionate Eye
Von Karajan, Ellen Jimmy Stewart: A Life In Pictures
Walker, Mort Beetle Bailey: Revenge
Watterson, Bill Attack Of The Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
Watterson, Bill Calvin And Hobbes
Watterson, Bill Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"
Watterson, Bill Something Under The Bed Is Drooling
Watterson, Bill The Calvin And Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
Watterson, Bill The Revenge Of Baby-Sat
Watterson, Bill Weirdos From Another Planet
Watterson, Bill Yukon Ho!
Weinstein, Marion Positive Magic
Weiss, David Naked Came I
Wharton, Edith Ethan Frome
Whitburn, Joel Billboard's Top 10 Charts
Whitburn, Joel The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Hits (6th edition)
White, E.B. The Trumpet Of The Swan
White, T.H. The Once And Future King
Whitsett, Tim Music Publishing: The Real Road To Music Business Success
Wiley, Mason & Damien Bona Inside Oscar
Wilmut, Roger & Peter Rosengard Didn’t You Kill My Mother-In-Law?
Wilson, F. Paul The Keep
Wilson, Simon Tate Gallery: An Illustrated Companion
Winter, Douglas Reader's Guide: Stephen King
Winter, Douglas The Art Of Darkness: Stephen King
Woodhouse, Mark B. A Preface To Philosophy
Woodward, Bob Wired
Woodward, Bob & Scott Armstrong The Brethren: Inside The Supreme Court
Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny
Wright, Peter Spy Catcher
Yoakum, Jim The Non-Inflatable Monty Python TV Companion
Young Ones, The Bachelor Boys
Zelazny, Roger The Great Book Of Amber
Zelazny, Roger And Neil Randall Visual Guide To Castle Amber
Zicree, Marc Scott The Twilight Zone Companion
Zimmer, Paul Edwin The Lost Prince

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