Traders and sellers are only as good as their actions when a problem arises.
I tried to deal with these people. I tried to be reasonable. They refused to honor their obligations.
While they may treat some people well, they screwed me over and should be regarded with extreme caution

Name Address Phone Email Ebay Nickname Date Details
James Fong aka Mayor Simpleton 3052 Colonial Way #6
San Jose, Ca 95128
unknown n/a 2/15/05
While not exactly a bad trader (he did not burn me), this guy is extremely paranoid and difficult to work with. He changed the terms of our trade without consulting me and demanded a street address after two successful, yet difficult, trades because he is worried about getting burned for 10 CDRs. He messed up on one of the CDs he sent me (Blue Nile) and, rather than just correct his mistake, wanted me to return the original disc to make sure I wasn't lying. Like I said, not really a bad trader - just so difficult and paranoid that I gave up on trying to work with him. If you can deal with the way he conducts trading, knock yourself out.
Chuck Escalera 2006 E 11th street Apt 3, Davenport, Iowa 52803 319-322-2087 (gave fake number) chuckvil 10/6/2000
I returned a video to Mr. Escalera because it did not match the description he gave on eBay. He acknowledged the receipt of my return and then refused to send the refund. He screwed me over for a lousy $14. A seller or trader is only as good as their actions when there is a problem. This one failed to honor his word and will never do business with me again. You should avoid this person at all costs.
David Sullivan 16086 King Road, Danvers, IL 61732 unknown farfrumdrunken 9/10/2002
Contacted me to make a trade for some Space Ghost videos. We eventually worked out a trade. I had to send a second set of videos because he claimed he didn’t get the first set. He was very impatient to get them and offered me some Ben Stiller videos and the money to cover postage if I would send them out again. I did and he completely failed to honor his word (the first set of videos are still “missing”). This man failed to honor his word and will never do business with me again. You should avoid this person at all costs.
Mike Tait

aka Mike Sheller

aka Mike Taut

aka Josh Coble
4600 Wilmington Pike #300, Kettering, OH 45440

2230 Marsdell Drive, Daytona, OH 45459
droid-depo 4/1/2000
Mr. Tait did a group auction for Starblazers videos and then proceeded to rip every bidder off. All the above contact information was good at one point, but I’m sure is no longer valid. Mr. Tait sometimes goes by the nickname “Sonny Crockett” and usually sells sci-fi related items. Thanks to eBay’s insurance, I only lost $25 dollars and had to opportunity to put the authorities on this thief. Don’t know what ended up happening to him, but I hope it was painful.