Rare Tapes

All of this material is available on cassette only. I plan to master them to CD in the future, but it won't be anytime soon. I haven't done any quality ratings. Contact me if you really want any of these tapes.

Artist Title
Barenaked Ladies All Things Barenaked
Barenaked Ladies Live In Denver 4/6/97
Barenaked Ladies Ogden Theater, Denver (2/28/93)
Barenaked Ladies Raretees 1
Barenaked Ladies Raretees 2
Barenaked Ladies/Squirrel Nut Zippers Live X
Beautiful South, The 930 Club: Washington, DC 10/21/95
Beautiful South, The Live At Newcastle City Hall (11/15/90)
Beautiful South, The Live In Blackburn '92
Beautiful South, The Live In Bristol 11/6/89
Beautiful South, The Live In Seattle, WA 6/16/92
Beautiful South, The/This Picture BBC Sessions 10/96 + Live 12/22/91
Beautiful South/The Housemartins Live In Paris 10/8/89 / Glastonbury 4/22/86
Crowded House Live In Santa Barbara I
Crowded House/Jellyfish Live In Santa Barbara 2 + Live Coach House 4/4/93
Doors, The Live At The Felt Forum 1/17/70
Himmelman, Peter Alligator Lounge: L.A. 3/5/97
Himmelman, Peter Ann Arbor 5/93 1
Himmelman, Peter Ann Arbor 5/93 2
Himmelman, Peter Boulder, CO 11/11/92 1
Himmelman, Peter Boulder, CO 11/11/92 2
Himmelman, Peter Chicago, IL: Park West 1/30/97 1
Himmelman, Peter Chicago, IL: Park West 1/30/97 2
Himmelman, Peter Ferndale, MI 1/95 1
Himmelman, Peter Ferndale, MI 1/95 2
Himmelman, Peter Interview: Idiot’s Delight 3/7/93
Himmelman, Peter Lyons, CO 1997
Hitchcock, Robyn A Soft Boy No More - Atlanta, GA 1985
Hitchcock, Robyn A&M Cover Sessions + The Moose Mark Story
Hitchcock, Robyn Chicago, IL 5/10/93
Hitchcock, Robyn Give It To The Thoth Boys: Live Oddities
Hitchcock, Robyn Interview: WMSE, Milwaukee 5/23/97
Hitchcock, Robyn London 5/25/96 (Rob, Bob & Albert)
Hitchcock, Robyn Metro, Chicago 4/9/88
Hitchcock, Robyn Neurotic Records 9/24/94 & Newbury Comics 4/8/95
Hitchcock, Robyn San Francisco, CA 5/21/91
Hitchcock, Robyn Shank Hall, Milwaukee 5/23/97
Hitchcock, Robyn Spectre & House Of Blues, Chicago 5/21/97
Hitchcock, Robyn Stand Back, Dennis! Athens, GA 2/3/88
Hitchcock, Robyn The Hooded One - Washington, DC 3/28/86
Hitchcock, Robyn Unhatched Crablings 1
Hitchcock, Robyn Unhatched Crablings 2
Hitchcock, Robyn Vancouver, BC 11/5/96
Housemartins, The BBC Sessions 11/87
Housemartins, The Interview 10/17/86 & Royal Court Playhouse 10/2/86
Housemartins, The Live In London (10/9/86)
Housemartins, The Live In Munich 11/25/87
Oasis Live In Chicago 11/94
Sobule, Jill/Johnny Winter T&G Studios, Philadelphia (8/22/97)/Texas Pop Fest, Dallas (9/1/69)
Soft Boys, The Live At The Portland Arms, Cambridge 11/78
Soft Boys, The Where Are The Prawns (live)
Vega, Suzanne World Cafe, Philadelphia (5/7/96)/sony Music Studios, N.Y.C. (1997)
Voice Of The Beehive Sydney, Australia (7/11/92)